Sunday, January 6

January 2008!

Incredibly it is now a whole year since I started the diary on the website.
Click here for the start of the January 2008 diary.
Today was a lovely sunnny day for being out in the fresh air but it was also really cold. Lots of time is being spent looking through seed catalogues and deciding which of the hundreds of seeds that we would like to grow we can realistically cope with. If you are doing the same then don't forget our links.
It is also uplifting to wander around the garden spotting plants that are starting to come into growth and even into flower.


Everywhere on the plot is a bit soggy. As our soil is clay based we are trying not to stand on it too much as this can ruin the soil structure. I soon will have to set my mind to giving the bramble a really hard pruning if we are to enjoy the same huge fruits as we did last year! Not a task to be undertaken without full body armour! Click here to see how I did this last year.

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