Saturday, January 6

Slugs - do you love em or loathe em?

Which is the top of your worst garden pest list?
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Thanks to all who have voted so far - slugs and snails and whitefly are proving to be high up the hate list but things could change! Don't just visit - place your vote.
No gardener can have failed to come in close contact with slugs and snails on numerous occasions. Many feel that they are constantly battling to protect their precious plants from this voracious feeder.
There seem to be as many ideas of how to control them as there are slugs. With one favourite method being to be jettison them into someone else's garden, it's a wonder that a species with wings hasn't yet evolved. Apparently the UK is the number one habitat for slugs and snails so are they all bad news or are they just misunderstood?
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Do you have a favourite effective way of controlling slugs? - If so tell us about it by posting a comment on this blog.

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