Saturday, December 17

Garlic Report

In this post dated 21 November, I mentioned how the garlic that I had planted directly on the plot was faring. The varieties of garlic that were furthest on a that point were Lautrec Wight, Edenrose, Germidour and Purple Wight. Albigensian Wight was just beginning to produce shoots but there were no signs of the other varieties. I haven't checked on the garlic on the plot since but said I would update on how the garlic that is being started off in the garden greenhouse was coming along.

You may remember I planted three cloves of each variety in small pots to be transplanted outside later and I planted three cloves of each variety except elephant garlic into large tubs where they will grow to maturity.

This week I decided to check how things were going and the results were as follows.

So far the quickest off the mark are Germidour (on the left) and Lautrec Wight (on the right) all the cloves both in small pots and the tubs are growing well.

Early Purple Wight (top) and and Edenrose (bottom) both are growing well in the large tub but only one clove of each is at the same stage in the small pots.

Two of the three cloves of Iberian Wight are growing well in the tub but the cloves are just beginning to shoot in the pots. One of the cloves in a pot is producing two shoots.

Albigensian Wight on the left and Chesnok Red are performing slightly better in the small pots than in the tub. 

Messidrome is just beginning to shoot with one clove in a small pot being ahead of the rest.

Wight Christo is just beginning to shoot in both situations.

And the elephant garlic hasn't really moved at all. I didn't plant any elephant garlic in the tubs as I thought that as it should grow much larger than the 'real' garlic that it would need to be planted out in the ground rather than trying to grow it to maturity in the tub.

Four of the five varieties that were most advanced on the plot are the same as are most advanced in the greenhouse. I'm guessing that the variation is more likely to be due to the fact that different varieties are earlier maturing than the others so at the moment I'm not drawing any conclusions about which are the better perfomers. 

Germidour was one of the smallest bulbs in the collection but is one of the first off the mark so size obviously isn't an issue.

On Thursday I checked on the progress of garlic on the plot and so far the same varieties as mentioned before are the only ones showing any growth. There was a dusty of icy snow covering the ground when we visited though so it's possible that some small shoots were covered.


  1. You're taking this growing of garlic pretty seriously then Sue? Sounds like some very scientific trials going on!
    We had some wet snow here yesterday, but it didn't settle like yours did.

  2. Looks like you will have many garlic to harvest next year. I remembered that our elephant garlic clove that we sowed this year took longer to sprout than the other garlic that we were growing.

  3. It just seemed the thing to do with so many different varieties, Mark. I'd be embarrassed to call it real snow as the sprinkling in the garden disappears very quickly - it stayed on the shadowy parts of the plot and only on soil not grass. If you look at the photos on Martyn's post you'll see what I mean.

    It will probably be lots or none, Diana.

  4. Your garlic trials are very interesting. So far, it does appear results are based on variety. It must feel good to see some well sized stalks sticking up in the allotment :) I think you might be in the garlic business next year.

  5. Hope so Jenni but there is still a long way to go - must admit if they do all grow I'll have a problem using them.

  6. Well I think they are all doing great...I still haven't had my garlic delivered which is VERY annoying as I know i won't be able to get it in until next year now and I prefer to plant it out before winter. But then again I don't have my broad beans in the ground either...I really will be much ,more organised next year!!

    I wish you lots of yummy garlic next year!!

  7. That is annoying Tanya - what variety have you ordered.
    We've never been ones for planting broad beans for overwinter. We just start them in pots in spring and plant them out.

  8. Very intersting trial with garlic! They seems to grow well over there!
    The snow look so good!

  9. We haven't had any snow here, it's amazing how the weather is different only a few miles away. I don't think you'll have many vampires round your way with all that garlic.

  10. They didn't grow very well last year Malar

    It can even be different a few yards away on the plot Jo. No snowy remains on some parts of the plot. We live a couple of miles from our plot and the weather can be different at the plot from home.

  11. Your garlic looks to have made a great start - I just need to find the time to plait mine for storage, oh and to think about where to plant next years crop. I like the idea of growing different varieties - do you notice much flavour variation?

  12. I don't know about flavour yet Liz as it's the first time we have grown a mixture of varieties. It's really a case of finding one that grows well for us after last year's failure.

  13. Sue, I started garlic in similar pots last year and they grew well . . . Until I got delayed and they weren't transplanted outdoors soon enough and got a bit pot-bound. I read somewhere garlic hates getting a growth check like that and it might explain why I didn't have a particularly good crop this summer (although the weird weather certainly didn't help either).

  14. I'll have to remember to get mine out early then BW - thanks for the tip. The ones in the tubs should be OK as I've grown them like this before - I say should be as you can never tell can you?

  15. Well I guess I will be starting my beans in pots this year then Sue. I have no idea what variety of garlic I bought now...will let you know if it EVER arrives!!


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