Thursday, December 2

Well we have now!

I kept visiting other people's blogs and seeing photos of deep snow and commenting that we had only a sprinkling and feeling rather smug and cosy. Well I'm not feeling very smug now as we are now covered in the cold stuff.
A TV repair man arrived on foot on Monday. He had left his van on a nearby cleared road not wanting to risk our snow packed road as access to our house is quite steep. He ended up carrying our broken TV back to his van.

Fortunately for the birds a delivery of seed managed to get through this afternoon so at least the garden birds shouldn't run out of food.

I've braved the cold to take a few photos of the garden to share - although many were taken from a bedroom window. You may be able to spot our poor tree fern. If you click on the album you can view the larger version.

If you have visited Martyn's weather blog you will see that the snow may cause him to be in a bit of trouble if our mini cyclamen don't survive being piled with snow! Martyn also has a webcam pointing out of our window which updates the photo on his blog sidebar fairly frequently - a case of men and their toys eh?

I do hope it warms up soon as we are having all our heating replaced next week - four days without heating - HELP!! Keep warm everyone!


  1. erm that doesn't sound too good, still you will be toasty just in time for christmas and a good excuse to cuddle hubby

  2. I say you brought the weather all on yourself foe being so smug about having none!! I just checked our weather and they are saying that we aren't going to get any more snow in our area for a while ...temperature doesn't appear to be getting above freezing point though!!

    Roll on Spring!!!!!

  3. Hi Captain - They'll be no cuddles if the cyclamens die

    I know Tanya I'll have to learn to keep my mouth shut!!!

  4. I cant even imagine how weather like that feels! At worst our winters are 9C with night lows of 0-3c!!!!!!
    Keep warm!!

  5. Those are beautiful photos! We get some snow every other day, but then we get some rain after that. So it looks very muddy and gray outside now.
    I hope we will have some serious snow soon.

  6. I didn't think it would be long before you got your fair share. I do hope it warms up for you whilst you're without heating.

  7. -7.8C last night Phoebe wish I could imagine it being a bit warmer but at the moment it looks set for at least another week

    You can have some of our snow with pleasure Vrtlarica - it's dirty around the major roads but all the other roads are still white.

    Hi Jo - I'm dreading next week realised that we won't have hot water either

  8. Hi, I took the dog for a walk today in the fields near my house, the snow was over my welly boots. When I got home I measured my leg to the knee and it was 18 inches, that's the most snow I've seen in years. It's bitterly cold here tonight in Kent. Take care. Amanda x

  9. That is serious snow Amanda - we haven't got it quite as high as that. It is cold but the snow seems to be thawing a bit today. It's 1.8C at the moment a plus reading at last


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