Friday, February 5

But we already have our tickets

It seems that the first Edible Garden show has been postponed. Postponed seems a stange way of putting it as it implies that the show has simply been moved a few weeks or more but now the first Edible Garden show will not take place until March 2011! 

The quote on their website states:
"The painfully slow recovery from recession has forced organisers to postpone next month’s (March 19-21) Edible Garden Show following concerns among potential sponsors and exhibitors over the uncertain economy".

It's strange as I would have thought that the current economic climate was encouraging more people to 'grow their own'. Growing your own has never been more popular has it? - well not for a long time!

Maybe the timing of the show in March didn't encourage people to advance book. Maybe the show hasn't been adequately publicised. Maybe they needed a celebrity to draw the crowds.

Well whatever the reasons, we were looking forward to going and now ... well we're not!


  1. I like your site, very much. Lots of useful information. Check out mine for some great gardening tips.

  2. Thanks for visiting - I'll definitely pop and see your blog

  3. Hi, and thank you for visiting my blog, I would love to see a photo of your knitting if you take any.

    What a disappointment that you can't go to the 'Edible Garden show' thanks for posting about it as I was interested in that myself. Will you get the ticket money back ? I just popped by to have a quick look at your blog, I will be back soon to read older posts, and to see what you grow.
    Maureen :)

  4. Hi Maureen,
    Yes we have had our money back so will have to find somewhere else to visit,

    I'll take a photo of my knitting when I get further along. So far I am working on the back and happily it seems to be growing!!


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