Tuesday, September 1

Epetitions and verification

I was asked by a contact why when they had signed the above epetition had their name not appeared on the list of signatures.

I guess he didn't verify his account as sometimes the verification email goes into a junk folder.

If it has happened to one person then it is likely to have happened to other people. When you sign up to an epetition an email is sent to the email address that you gave. You have to verify this in order for your name to be added - it just needs you to click the link in the email. The problem is that some email accounts send the message into the junk or spam box. (Obvious don't like anything that comes from the government).

If you have signed the latest petition then please check that your name is on the list and if not check your email including junk box for a message that is from 10 Downing Street.

If you can't find an email then please sign up again.

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