Courgette recipes

Have you have a favourite courgette recipe that is available on the Internet - either your own website or blog or just from a website that you visit? Why not share it by sending me the link (and a photo if you can) so I can add it to this list!

Courgette Burgers 
from my website

Courgette and Summer Vegetable Grati
from my website

Chocolate Courgette Cake from Flowerlady

Courgette Soup from Flowerlady

Courgette, Basil and Mozzarella Stir-Fry
From Annie's website - Hot Meals Now

Baked Courgettes with Baked Eggs and Fennel Seeds – Lunch
From Annie's website - Hot Meals Now

Courgette Pickle
From Matron at Down on the allotment

Zucchini Cake
From Good Food Channel
Click here to view my notes on how I used this recipe

Cumin courgette "ratatouille" recipe
From Delicious Magazine website

Sweet Piccalilli
From our website - This recipe uses courgettes instead of cucumber

Lamb and Courgette Bake
From Recipes4us
I used frozen tomatoes instead of tinned 

Stuffed Courgettes
Ham and Mushroom Stuffed Courgettes based on recipe from Simply

Minced Beef Stuffed Courgettes from my website

Lots of ideas from the post entitles 'What do you do with hundred of courgettes' by notjustgreenfingers

Cinnamon spiced courgette crumble It shouldn't work should it? But it does see my blog post here.

Kelli's Chocolate Courgette Cake from Kelli's Northern Ireland Garden. The link to where Kelli found the recipe is in here blog post


Belinda's recipes for Stuffed Courgette and Vegetable Soup  from Belinda's blog - Plot 7 Marsh Lane - Our Allotment

Summer Courgette Risotto From BBC Good Food
I used a mix of yellow and green courgettes and used less rice and more courgettes than in the recipe
If you have any links to add please email them to me