Monday, March 4

More of the same

We have tiptoed into meteological spring but nothing has changed as far as the weather is concerned. It's still very wet and at times also very cold.

See Martyn's blog for more details on the weather

Two afternoons saw us venturing to the allotment. On the first afternoon, the work that was more or less the same as on our previous visit. Martyn emptied another compost bay

I concentrated on a raspberry bed. This bed was planted a few years ago. We planted several varieties but only two grew to produce a berry harvest. The row is planted through weed control fabric but we are going to remove the strip along the front so that we can improve the soil. The canes that I dug up the week before will be planted here and we will probably plant some annual flowers - maybe calendula - along the front.

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  1. Calendila and tagetes greatly improve the compound of the soil. I see that Martin worked a lot and hard.


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