Monday, September 18

Clearing up

Nights are beginning to draw in, which is a sign that our allotment season is winding down. There are still some crops to harvest. Some such as parsnips, cabbages and leeks will stay in the ground until needed and others will be brought home to store.

Planting will be put on hold and our attentions have turned to tidying areas of the plot that have become overgrown and unkempt whilst our time was dominated by harvesting.

Last week, Martyn intended to strim areas where the grass paths had become overgrown but his strimmer broke so that didn't get done.

We spent time clearing the bed that had housed the Crown Prince squashes. It's quite a large bed that suffers from bindweed infestation. I've dug out as much as I could but no doubt some tiny roots will have been missed which will grow and quickly reinfest the bed.

Copyright: Original post from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments author S Garrett

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