Saturday, February 4

RSPB big garden bird count

We’ve taken part in the RSPB annual bird count for over ten years but this year we nearly missed it. Last Saturday night, Martyn asked if we should have been counting the birds. The count took place from 27 January until 29 January which meant that just left Sunday to squeeze in a count.

For the benefit of those who haven’t heard of the bird count, you are asked to count the highest number of each species of bird, seen from your vantage point, for one hour. We usually watch from our side window which overlooks the bird feeding area so we don’t actually manage to count the total number of birds to visit the garden just the ones that visit this particular part of the garden.

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  1. We do the birdwatch every year. We go to a lot of effort and cost to feed the birds on a regular basis and have starlings, redwings, finches just to name a few. However, whichever hour we choose to do the birdwatch, the birds just refuse to come. We got two bluetits, a sparrow and a wood pigeon this year. How fickle are those birds!

    1. I know just what you mean L. I wonder if nore people feed the birds just for the count and the birds take advantage of the unexpected bounty knowiing where they have a regular supply when the new food runs out, Bird food certainly is expensive now especially sunflower hearts that the bords love.


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