Monday, December 20

Wet, soggy, muddy, misty and miserable,

We didn't go to the allotment at all last week. If we hadn't Ruby to consider, we probably wouldn't have ventured out at all, other than for Martyn to attend a hospital appointment.
Not only was it bitterly cold, with frost decorating everywhere, but it was also very misty.
The afternoon that we visited Nostell, the mist gradually thickened and later in the evening the fog rolled in.
In spite of the miserable conditions, we managed an hour or so walking round the lake.
Everywhere under foot was really wet and soggy so we didn't venture into the meadows where it can be quite boggy.
It's a pity really as now that the cows have been taken in and the electric fences taken down we could have enjoyed a much longer walk.
Although we stuck to the paths, Ruby didn't. She doesn't let the conditions spoil her fun and makes no allowances for mud and wet grass. As she likes to sniff everywhere,  she is especially drawn to cowpats, molehills and drainage channels, it's not just her feet that end up in a mess.
When we arrived home we headed straight for the bathroom where legs, paws and the ends of ears were given a good wash.

At least, on an evening, we could shut out the weather and enjoys a hot meal.

Meals last week that used our produce were a turkey and black bean quinoa bake that incorporated our onion, garlic and frozen sweetcorn.
I made a vegetable hash in which I used some of our squash, potatoes, shallot and garlic. As I didn't have any kale I substituted this with some spinach.
Another warming meal was a potato curry. Into this went some of our potatoes, onion, garlic and frozen peas.

In spite of us having no actual rain, everywhere is so wet, so it looks as though any gardening will be put on hold for a while but we will need to visit the plot this week to replenish our vegetable stocks.

I also foresee another feet washing session for Ruby, but don't tell her.

That's all for now - keep safe and well and let's all hope that this new Covid variant doesn't turn out to be the beast that we are all being threatened with!

Copyright: Original post from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments author S Garrett


  1. I quite like a bit of invigorating weather :) I know what you mean about having to wash the ends of dog ears though. You food always looks so delicious, I particularly like the look of the curry, a nice curry on a cold evening is a very good thing.

  2. It's pretty to look at from afar, and you got some great photos! I'm no fan of those sort of conditions either though.

    1. Me neither, Dave. I don't mind cold and bright but cold and soggy no thanks

  3. Poor Ruby, she does look a mess, but she had fun getting there. Fog makes for such lovely, atmospheric photos, although not the best conditions for walking in. Hope you, Martyn, and Ruby have a lovely Christmas.

    1. Ruby is learning that there is a price to play with fun, Deborah

  4. Not the sort of weather that's ideal for doing anything on the plot Sue. Better use of your time to plan for next year. It's been dry here too but the ground is most definitely not. Rain predicted for tomorrow. As you suggest it's good to close the curtains over, snuggle in for the night and enjoy some warm seasonal meals. Hope that you have your sprouts and parsnips etc ready to pick for your festive meal 😄

    1. The sprouts and parsnip were indeed ready, Anna

  5. We've had pretty grim weather too, cold, wet and misty days. Oh goodness, Ruby dripping in mud has me smiling. Good you managed a walk though and had those lovely meals to

    1. She hasn't read the manual about poodles being prim and proper, Dina


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