Sunday, July 1

Flower winner

The answers to the identify the flower competition were:
  1. achillea 
  2. bergenia 
  3. dicentra 
  4. passion flower 
  5. campanula 
  6. cosmos 
  7. foxglove/digitalis 
  8. tulip 
  9. geranium/cranesbill 
  10. poached egg plant/limnanthes 
  11. mesembryanthemum 
  12. aquilega (back view)
  13. phlox 
  14. clematis 
  15. verbena 
  16. sweet william 
  17. penstemon 
  18. cornflower/centaurea 
  19. acanthus 
  20. candytuft
This time only one person correctly identified all 20 photographs and so the hat is not required.

And the winner is ... ... ... Maxine. (Only one Maxine entered and so if you are called maxine and you entered the competition then that is you). Would you  email me your postal address, I will send the prize as soon as I can.

Just in case Maxine doesn't see this post I will email her shortly to let her know that she is a winner). Well done Maxine.


  1. Well done to the winner...I apparently did really badly....but at least I tried!! :-)

    1. You did Tanya and thank you for that - maybe the next and last competition will be more up your street - coming soon.

  2. Congratulations to Maxine. I definitely wouldn't have identified them all correctly.

    1. So how do you feel about sudoku, Jo?

  3. Congratulation!
    I still don't know much about flower seeds.
    Miss the chance to try, it is fun.

    1. Never mind Diana - I'm sure you are very busy at the moment!


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