Friday, August 19

Announcing the arrival of Andromeda

The title of this post sound like something astrological or from science fiction but  really it is just that we've now been to collect the last of the clematis that I wanted for our garden.

You may remember back in this post I mentioned finding a clematis nursery near by and that I had visited to collect four of the five clematis that I wanted to climb up a willow screen.

One of the varieties - Andromeda was sold out and so I was promised a phone call when new stock arrived. The call came on Wednesday so we went to collect that afternoon.
This is now standing on our patio waiting to be planted.

We planted four other clematis bought earlier and they are growing on with differing levels of success.

Two of them are growing away really well. Dawn and Snowbird are romping away.
Alpina Willy although not growing as quickly - but I don't expect it to - is still looking fit and healthy and making good growth.
The fourth clematis Fuji-Musume is giving cause for concern as it doesn't look too happy at all. I'm hoping that this is just they way it dies back after flowering and that it will send up new shoots next year. 

The photos below show the clematis just after planting and how it looks now.
Can anyone make reassuring noises?


  1. Clematis can sometimes be delicate when transplanted and difficult to get going. I always cross my fingers the first year. Hopefully Fuji will make it through!

  2. Sue, I'm no expert on Clematis, but that last one does LOOK pretty dead... I used to have a Clematis Montana growing along my brick wall, but it was far too vigorous and was in danger of taking over the whole garden, so I removed it.

    1. The dead looking one revived and is growing strongly now.

  3. Hopefully your clematis will perk up, I'm not too sure about clematis. The only one i had died over the winter; i think it was niobe (or something like that).

  4. Hmmm, I agree with you, it doesn't look very happy. Hope it picks up for you, plants can sometimes sulk after being transplanted.

  5. I hope it does too, Robin as the flowers are a lovely blue

    Montana is a bit of a thug, Mark. These should be more restrained I hope.

    There is one called Niobe Kelli - was it very red?

    I hope it is just a sulk, Jo

  6. I'm sending lots of reassuring noises to your clematis...I thought about singing to it....but then decided you probably didn't want it to

    Hope it soon picks up and settles down in it's new home!!

  7. Thanks Tanya, let's hope it works otherwise we may have to resort to the singing! :D

  8. You are very good at nursing back like those apple plants at your plot. So I have faith you can nurse it back to health!

  9. I hope that your faith isn't misplaced Diana

  10. Andromeda is a prety girl, hope she does well for you.

    The Fuji-Musume doesn't look terribly happy, but it could just be time fo year. One or two of my recent plantings (from the same place) have not romped away as I would have liked either. Fingers crossed they are just taking longer to get settled .....

  11. NOt romping I would settle for but this one just looks ill BW - I hope Fuji is just a little homesick.

  12. I have varied success with clematis Sue, although only one near-death is a success given the weird weather we've been having. And Anromeda is beautiful, well worth waiting for. Maybe a couple of mamoth soaks and a good feed would revive your one recalcitrant plant?

  13. We have soaked it Janet - and sent water straight down the tube to the roots.

    I hope Andromeda likes her new home better

  14. I emailed Chris at Taylor's clematis to ask his advice and he says it looks like Fuji has clematis wilt eek! He has suggested that I cut back the stem to 8" (20 cm) and take off all the leaves leaving just a stick. As long as I have planted it deep enough - fingers crossed - it should reshoot from the bottom but that could be next spring!

  15. Clemetis wilt, huh? That's a bummer .... I went and had a look at some of mine, also from Taylors. I wondered about wilt. I don't think the temperatures here (or lack of them) help either - it's damn chilly at night.


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