Saturday, February 26

Green with envy - not any more!

After reading other people's blogs I am often left green with envy over the things that they have written about. One thing that I have had on my wish list for ages is to see a real life siskin. Other people write about them and have them as regular visitors but I had never seen one - ever! That is until today - for most of the day a male and two females have been in our garden feeding from the hanging feeders. They really loved the niger seeds, sunflower hearts and black sunflower seeds. Martyn managed a bit of video which we will share later but I couldn't wait to post on my blog about the visit!

Whilst the siskins were visiting us we managed a quick dash to the plot - mainly to collect some vegetables and take a few photographs - some of which I've shared below - you wouldn't want me to post all of the photos that I took as I tend to go a little mad when I have a camera in my hand - you should see how many siskin photos I took! Unfortunately most were blurry as they were taken without a tripod through one of our windows!
We managed to gather a few vegetables, we may even have a sprout plant that has developed some sprouts ...

... before it started to rain - we thought it was a quick shower so went to sit in the shed at which point the heavens opened. Still every cloud etc. After sitting out the downpour I managed to get some shots of raindrops.

I'd never noticed before but the world is upside down inside a raindrop!

By the way did I mention that some siskins came onto our bird feeders today? While I have been rambling on Martyn has put together a mini taster video.


  1. How wonderful to have siskins in your garden, I share your excitement as I too love to see something new in my garden, though sadly it's only something like a goldfinch here. Yes, I definitely think it's too wet to dig. Hubby has been to the allotment today to have a look round, I stayed at home as I knew what the state of play would be. My Primroses are flowering now too, though they're also looking battered.

  2. Beautiful birds to see at any garden. There arent many birds coming to my garden..., two or three types. I guess there are ways to create birds friendly garden.

  3. We seem to be going along parallel roads Jo. Must admit I was excited when our first goldfinch arrived. We get quite a lot of them now. Also just been photographing a couple of long tailed tits. Greenfinches have disappeared though.

    I guess the main ingredients are food and water Bangchik but no doubt your birds are totally different to ours! More exotic to our eyes.

  4. I have to admit, I'm a little envious! Beautiful photos!-Thanks for sharing the video also :)

  5. Photos of Siskins - WOW! I'm green with envy myself now. I see Greenfinches fairly often, but never Siskins. However, I have to say that your picture of the raindrop is just FABULOUS!

  6. The Siskins are lovely...I don't think I have seen them before but I think from a distance I may also mistake them for a finch so I will keep a closer look from now on.

    I must say your plot looks great for the winter we have had and I can't believe your parsnips are starting to re-grow....are they still okay to eat when this happens??

    I would definitely go with 'Too wet to dig!!'
    The raindrop photos are amazing!!

  7. Such a cute pair of birds, my boys will like them to visit in our garden as well.

  8. you are lucky with siskins. We have a basic range of garden birds - unfortunately very many of our neighbours have cats.
    Love your slide show! It made me feel as if I was really touring your plot. I wonder what I'll find when I go to the plot today - hopefully not too many puddles of water. The raindrop shot is absolutely beautiful.

  9. Not seen Siskins myself so good spot!

  10. Couldn't believe our luck Rebecca. Glad you liked the video.

    The raindrop was taken with my older camera Mark - the new one isn't as good on macro - I think I need a special attachment1 Maybe a birthday present?

    The siskins are a bit smaller than a greenfinch Tanya - the parsnips are still fine to eat.

    They are lovely little birds Diana but only are here for winter.

    Mmm cats can be a problem Linda - we used to have far more than at the moment - one reason I never garden without gloves date back to the time I picked up a clump of soil to crumble - but - it wasn't soil!

    They're here again this morning Damo - I need another target now - as a bird I must see in the garden.

  11. Just seen some of the birds YOU get in your garden Rebecca - very exotic now I'm envious again but have no chance of seeing cardinals etc except in a bird garden.

  12. The siskins are very pretty birds. They look similiar to the gold finches that we have here.

    Your plots look like they are coming to life!!

  13. Our goldfinches are much more colourful Robin - it always surprises me how our birds look so different but have the same names. There are some images of one in our garden here We have had lots today too and lots of long tailed tits. Just peeks into the bird box though.

  14. I now have siskin envy AND plot envy! I could probably slake the former by putting up bird feeders again, but past experience suggests that this would quickly bankrupt me. As to the plot, I'm sure I will eventually have at least some crops, but with only a half plot I can only look on in envy and admiration and how rich and diverse yours is! I love the fact that you grow tulips and primroses. Though at least my plot drains well ;-) Love the raindrop photo, I had never noticed the upside down thing either.

  15. The siskins have stayed around for a few days now Janet. We now know we have two males - one is ringed. They love the niger seed.

    As for the plot we were lucky to acquire ours when no-one wanted them - the tulips will be for cut flowers but the primroses came from seed from ones in the garden. We do grow quite a few flowers on the plot though - the bees love them.

  16. I love the arrival of the different birds in spring to the garden and yard. It's like they bring sunshine and springtime with them. The garden harvest looks wonderful and such a nice variety of items.

  17. Love the siskins but your raindrop photo stole the show for me. The plot is looking good...and very tidy :)Mo

  18. Siskins are winter birds for us Kit, I think they go further north to breed as they like pine forests. Who knows though maybe if we keep them fed they may stay!

    It's always a revelation when you look at the photos you take Mo - I've never noticed the way the scenery looks through a raindrop before. The plot is only tidy from a distance but doesn't stand up to closer inspection!

  19. The Siskins in your part of the world are so colorful! The ones that live here look very similar, but without the yellow. Love the shot of the raindrop, it looks like an upside down sno-globe. Very nice harvest also, makes me think of soup or stew...

  20. Hi Michelle.
    The male is much more colourful than the female and I love the way the black feathers on top of his head forms a crest when he is feeling a bit feisty!

  21. Greetings from Southern California

    I added myself to follow your blog.
    Please visit mine and follow back if you want too.

    God bless you :-)


  22. Nice harvest! Your carrots are so bright and beautiful. I really like the picture of the water drop coming off the twig. Very cool.

  23. You might have had siskin envy, I have native primrose envy! And yes, I do think that soil is too wet to dig {smile}

  24. Lovely birds. And I love the harvest too. I wish I was harvesting something from my garden.

  25. Thanks Ron - I'll pop over toyour blog and take a look.

    The carrots taste good too Lori.

    I love native primroses too BW takes me back to childhood!

    The siskins seem to have moved on Daphne but at least the carrots stay put!

  26. We have those (siskins) in our garden, I just didn't know what they were. My dad was a great twitcher and always said we had some unusual ones in our garden. We quite often get a treecreeper and woodpeckers though.

    I love the raindrop pic!

  27. Now I have treecreeper envy, Josephine - the siskins have gone of to their breeding areas now so we are siskinless once more.


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