Monday, November 22

Dine al fresco chez nous.

Refurbishment of our al fresco bistro is now almost completed and our winter menu in now available. Opening during all daylight hours including bank holidays.

We try to appeal to as wide a clientele as possible and so we operate a self service buffet where customers are free to eat as much as they want.

The bistro is divided into a number of dining areas so there should be an area to suit each individual diner's preference. 
For customers who prefer 'haute cuisine' there is a new high level table  with enough capacity to suit those who wish to dine with a group of friends. Whilst we cannot guarantee privacy, lone diners are also welcome in this area. If this area is overcrowded there are nearby trees in which our customers can wait for a place to become free or where they can rest after a hearty meal. If customers prefer they may relax at their table with no need to feel pressure to move on after their meal.
For those who prefer dining at ground level two lower tables are provided.
One in a secluded area and another in an open situation.

Whilst our regular visitors have their favourites from our menu some of our younger more inexperienced diners may be a little spoiled for choice.

For our more acrobatic customers we provide a range of hanging meals.

Vegetarian options are catered for with a range of seeds, including the ever popular and extremely nourishing black sunflower seed.

Our black sunflowers are also available as take away meals with many of our customers quickly coming back for more.

Niger seed is provided to cater for those with exotic tastes.

These areas are specially adapted to suit the needs of those diners who have feet which prevent them for clinging.


Whilst we should warn customers that all of our meals may contain nuts those who have a special fondness for nutty meals are also catered for.

During the cold winter months our range of fatty meals will give energy to sustain our customers through difficult times.

Our range of fat based meals is designed to meet the needs of both vegetarians and insectivores. From the menu diners can choose from, peanuts and raisins, peanuts and insects or peanut and mealworm. There is also a homemade option details of which can be obtained by clicking here. Insectivores who would like a ready meal can enjoy dried mealworms.

For dessert clients may like to choose fresh coconut. or a selection of fruit and berries when available.

For those diners who prefer to be more actively involved in the acquistion of their meals - foraging is permitted although we would request that flower buds are not eaten.

Whilst we attempt to cater for all diets we do not under any circumstances serve fish and so any fish eaters are respectfully requested to dine elsewhere.

Whilst we do not actively encourage hunting in our grounds, diners must be alert to the fact that a certain amount of hunting is tolerated and the management take no responsibility for injury or worse resulting from a hunt taking place.
Fresh drinking water with or without ice is available at all times but customers should be aware that many clients will also bathe in the drinking water.
 Visitors from overseas are always welcome.
Provision is made for those feeding youngsters during the breeding season but every attempt should be made to keep offspring under control so as not to spoil the enjoyment of others. Live caterpillars and aphids may be taken in abundance as required.

Also occasionally some of the feeding areas may booked by other than feathered clients and  be unavailable to our regulars customers. We apologise for any disruption during these occasions.

Please note in the interests of safety no net bags are used in our meals and every attempt is made to comply with all feeding advice from the RSPB and BTO.
Please also note that cameras may be used and our customers may find themselves featured on our websites or blogs.

For more information, photos and video clips of how we cater for our feathered friends then click here

All except for one of the birds, (and mammals), shown have been a visitor to our garden - can you guess which is the odd one out?

Look after your garden birds and they'll help you look after your garden


  1. Wow what a wonderful selection of birds and other creatures you have. I definitely need to up my game, I'm currently a greasy spoon compared to your 5 star dining area!

  2. Wonderful pictures! I am new to this allotment thingee so I am going to ask what may seem a very daft question. I would love to put my bird table at the allotment, but are the birds going to eat my plants next year if I encourage them over?

  3. Oooh, a woodpecker!

    I like your captions too.

    The caged one we have is the slowest to go down by a long way. The pigeons muscle everyone out from the open table.

  4. I thought you were talking about a human cafe at first and was wondering what all the birds were doing!! hehe!
    We seem to have such different birds here in Australia! Ours are a little more ostentatious shall we say!
    Youve inspired me to try and take pictures of them all!

  5. You have so many lovely birds visiting you! We mostly get sparrows. But if I would have such a lovely bird bistro maybe I would get some more birds to visit me occasionally.
    Great and fun post!

  6. What a great variety of birds which you encourage in to your garden. I think the odd one out is the woodpecker but I'm probably wrong.

  7. Hi Damo - we have a little wren too but it's camera shy! I bet birds love greasy spoons just as much.

    No question is daft Fran if you need an answer. The birds that tend to cause problem on the plot are wood pigeons which will eat your brassicas and blackbirds love to try and get to your soft fruit before you do. We protect both. Blackbirds will also dig in the soil looking for grubs but I don't mind that. Birds do tend to be more of a asset than an hindrance in that they help control pests. The down side of a bird table on the plot is can you maintain a regular food supply as birds come to rely on it especially in winter when the weather is bad and you ae less likely to pay a visit.

  8. Hi Mal,
    We find that the wood pigeon prefer the bird table although the collared doves do manage to perch on the saucers of the feeders. Must admit the caged feeder is more to limit access to the smaller birds.

    Hi Phoebe - I love to see pictures of your birds too

    Hi Vrtlarica - Sparrows aren't as abundant as they were in the UK which some put down to changes in farming techniques like storing grain under cover amongst other things. We still get them in the garden but not in such numbers as we used to and starlings are fairly rare too - not such large groups and mainly when they have young to feed.

    Hi Jo, Wrong I'm afraid - the woodpecker was photographed in our garden - a chance spot as it hasn't come often - I just happened to look out of the window and there it was so I rushed for my camera. It hasn't been for a while but I live in hope!

  9. How cute you sure have many visitors.Love your post GLA. I tried not to giggle that much. LOL. Thanks for the idea that earwig might be the cause of problem with my half-petal gerbera. There is many of them and I don't know what to do.

  10. Hi MKG - I've popped something about earwigs on your blog post - glad you enjoyed this post

  11. Wow...what a fantastic diner you have and what a huge variety of wildlife you have visiting...I feed the birds at home but have no feeders at present on the allotment...I think I am going to rectify this though and put some table and things at the plot...I love the way you have written this really made me smile!!

  12. Hi Tanya,
    Only had five bookings for a table so far :D

    Our stand has now also arrived for the feeding station so it is now moveable.

  13. The birds give you five stars for this great restaurant and I love to have a look at these amazing photos!

  14. Welcome Pia - the photos on your site are really brilliant.

  15. The bistro definitely seems to be doing great! So many costumers. and you even got a hedgehog.

  16. Hi Fer
    The hedgehogs are fast asleep now tucked up for winter! Today is very cold and there is a constant stream birds.

  17. The bird we haven't yet seen in our garden is the bullfinch which was photographed at a nearby RSPB reserve


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