Friday, February 27

Free 'herbicide free' horse manure delivered

A horse owner in Batley is offering free horse manure which he will deliver also free of charge within a sensible distance of his location.

He tells me that the horses have until recently been bedded down on shavings not straw but he does have some manure that is very well rotted (ruby red in colour) with quite a high worm content. He has facilities to load and deliver by skip vehicle and deliver in say 3 ton loads. His horses are now bedding on cardboard that is produced by his firm in Batley. Local farmers say it is ideal to put back onto the land and rots far more quickly than the shavings. Currently there is about 8 tons of manure available.

The fields the horses graze in have had nothing more than harrow & rolling for a very long time. The hayledge used is from a local farmer in Hartshead, Liversedge who also runs a dairy herd so again no herbicides have been used.

If anyone is interested the email contact is just pop the word manure in the subject line.


  1. Hi. I am curently working on my garden and so is my next door neighbour. We would love some horse manure to put in our garden once its frozen over winter. We live in Sharlston near Wakefield. Is it okay for you to deliver or if its too far we could pick up. We would like it some time in November. Thanks. Lindsey and Quai.

  2. Hello Lindsey and Quai,
    I posted the advert for someone who emailed my blog - I don't have any manure myself. You need to email the address shown on the post.

    Hope you manage to sort something out


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