Sunday, January 25

Maybe we need to consider planting rice!

The January diary has been updated click here. Today our visit to our plot was just to collect a few vegetables for next week. There were interesting noises as the carrots and parsnips were dug up. If we stayed in one place for too long we started to sink. We desperately need the soil to dry out but there doesn't seem any sign that this will happen soon!
It would be interesting to hear what the conditions are like in other parts of the country and what other gardeners are managing to do at this time. Tell us by using the comments


  1. Well it's a bit soggy here on the London clay but not like that.

  2. We are on clay too - wet and soggy or hard and cracking up - can't win really can we? When plants do get going they grow fairly well.
    We tend to sow seeds in trays and transplant as our soil isn't very seed friendly!


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