Thursday, December 4

Don't forget the birds!

Here in Wakefield we seem to have, so far, got off lightly as far as snow is concerned. A light covering overnight was soon melting and turning to drizzle.
However, the birds immediately spotted the food that we popped out for them and were soon tucking in. The snow is a problem when birds are foraging on the ground. It can also cover over the food that is placed on uncovered bird tables. Those bird tables with a roof provide some protection. Hanging feeders are more accessible but don't suit all species although many birds that are not supposed to feed from feeding tubes seem to be adapting especially if the feeders have trays attached to the base.

It is important to provide a variety of food types and offer them to the birds in different ways. Wrens for instance prefer to feed under cover so don't readily come to food placed out in the open. During winter try to provide food with a high animal fat content click here to read more about making fat cakes.

For information on feeding birds try the RSPB web site
click here.

Snow isn't the only problem during very cold weather, frozen ground makes life difficult as does frozen water. Even in bitterly cold weather birds need water to drink and in which to bathe. It makes me shiver watching them splashing in icy cold water but is necessary to keep their feathers in good condition. For more information on providing birds with water click here.

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