Tuesday, August 12

Visitors photographs

Two of our visitors are new to allotmenting and have sent photos of their plots.
Maggie took on her plot in Featherstone in June so her allotment days have just started. Click here to view her photos
Karl and young son Archie acquired their plot in Normanton at the end of March so they even managed to be productive this year. Click here to see their photos and Karl's journal of his first few months of allotmenting with three year old Archie.

Thanks to both of them for taking the trouble to send us their photos and accompanying text. This year hasn't been the best year to dip toes into the 'grow your own' world let's hope they have many more prouctive years to come!

We have lots of visitors from the USA - so what about one of you sending us some infomation about your plot?

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