Monday, May 5

Have your say on site security

There appears to be controversy from some quarters regarding how often the entrance gates should be locked. The allotments' officer after consultation with the council's Access to Services Department and their independent assessor decided that the gates should be locked at all times. Most plot-holders are now complying with this decision and feedback that I am receiving seems to confirm that most people support this arrangement. I have created this post to give plot-holders on Green Lane the opportunity to share their views with other tenants so we know where everyone stands. Please give your plot number when posting a comment. I would really appreciate it if as many people as possible could take the time to post a comment.
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  1. Plot 28
    I think the gates should be locked at all times.

  2. we feel that the gates are much better locked as we feel much more secure and safer,no undesirables etc can enter,joe & pat plot 40

  3. AlastairMay 06, 2008

    Karen and I both feel that all gates should be kept locked. We can only see one of them easily from our top plots and we would feel happier if we knew they were all locked for security and the other reasons you have listed elsewhere.

  4. AnonymousMay 06, 2008

    Enough is enough. Talk of petitions and the like, just because a few haven't got their way is ridiculous. A meeting was held in which this was discussed and there was no objection.
    The council have made a ruling that the gates are to remain locked at all times. I agree with this as do most other plotholders.
    Those who do not agree with this should leave Green Lane allotments and set up elsewhere.

    Plot 49

  5. The gates should be kept locked to protect the people, property and hard work that we all do gardening our allotments.

    I have also noticed something which may be a suitable item for discussion at a future meeting in the WMDC Allotment Gardens Agreement. The agreement outlines a condition to ensure security of gates which could easily be extended in light of the current social climate and lack of respect from some members of the community.
    1. The tenant shall
    (f) accept full responsibility for any key provided to obtain access to and from the allotment garden and undertake to ensure that the gates to the allotment site are secured on departure

    Secure by any definition implies locked as a door/gate that is unlocked is insecure.

    As the site is too large to be monitored by an individual who is busy gardening or looking after their livestock I feel that the gates should definitely be locked at all times. This would also prevent the many children that are on site wandering out into a dangerous situation or being approached by strangers. This alone should be reason enough for locking the gates and provide peace of mind for parents and everyone else on site.

    Chris (Dave and Denise) Plots 25,26,27

  6. To open & close the gates will take a few minutes, to carry out the repairs and fix what has been broken will take hours/weeks/months. I know what I would rather do - Keep them locked!!!

  7. Gates locked at ALL times.

    Unless I build a 7 foot fence round my plot with barbed wire on top and my own padlocked gates to keep my things secure.

    Sorry, I forgot we are not allowed to fence round our whole plots are we.


    Plot 38


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