Sunday, October 22

A Partridge in the Green Manure

We have sown two beds of green manure this year and today crouched in amongst the new growth was a common partridge. The photo here isn't very good as I has to zoom in quite a lot without a tripod and I was also in a hurry to get a photo before the bird shot off. As soon as I took the photo it was up and running making the sort of noise that suggested it wasn't impressed to have been disturbed! Click here to read more.

Also seen today were goldfinches browsing on the seed heads of some sweet corn plants that we hadn't yet pulled up.

Yesterday whilst I was cutting dahlias a tiny newt wriggled across the soil. We see lots of these, often seem to dig then up! We also built a log pile so hope to encourage even more wild life. Click here to read more about creating a log pile.

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