Tuesday, October 11

Remember our fuzzy nectarines?

Well ever since we picked the fruits we’ve been mulling over why our nectarines looked more like peaches. I checked the photo of Fantasia on Thompson and Morgan’s website and our ‘nectarines’ looked nothing like the ones shown. 
I checked the photos of nectarine flowers on the Internet and they sort of looked like the ones we had on our tree - but then again so did the photos of peach flowers.
I thought maybe the photo on T&Ms web site wasn’t accurate but looking again our fruits did look very much more like the photos of the peaches on the same web page.

Now don’t get me wrong if our nectarine turned out to be a peach then I’d be perfectly happy - we like both fruit but it just seemed that a nectarine would be a bit easier to grow in our part of the country. 

In the end I decided to email and send photos T&M to ask what they thought. Could the trees have been mixed up and if so what variety of peach had I ended up with? I didn’t complain just asked for their comments.

A reply came straight back saying that it looked as though the tree that we were sent is a peach called Avalon Pride and what’s more they are going to send me a replacement nectarine next year. That’s without me asking or complaining so all in all I’m very happy and must give T&M a pat on the back for such good after sales service.

I’d really like to try growing an apricot too but we need to think where we will put all these trees. They really must stay in the garden and in large pots where we can protect them from frost and also I think the fruit would just be too big a temptation to risk at the allotment.
T&M have an apricot called called Flavourcot which sound good and one called Champion that only grows 1m tall, and supposed to be good for growing in a pot. Has anyone grown either?


  1. Glad to hear that not only have you now got an ID for the tree, but that you're going to get the nectarine which you originally wanted. There's been a few occasions where I've had cause to complain to T&M but there's always been a positive outcome. I don't mind companies making mistakes just so long as they rectify them, I think that's what customer service is all about.

  2. Can I ask you where you grow your peach? What conditions do you have? I'd love to try them but I'm not sure I've got the right conditions.

  3. That's great that they are sending you another tree!

    I have never grown any fruit trees so I am of no help.

    Since space seems to be an issue, I would go with the Champion.

  4. I'm quite pleased with the mistake really, Jo as I'd have never bought a peach thinking they wouldn't produce in our garden.

    Hi wellywoman, the peach is in a large pot just outside our greenhouse door. It hasn't been through a winter yet so we are thinking we may drag it inside the greenhouse just to be safe. When it was flowering and we thought there may be a frost we threw some fleece over it on a night but to be honest we didn't suffer too badly from frost last year so maybe this year will be different. I suppose it gets some sunshine for most of the day. We are in West Yorkshire so fairly far north!

    I'm sort of torn Robin Champion will take less space but Flavourcot has a good write-up!

  5. It's good to hear that T&M admitted the error and didn't try to blame you for ordering the wrong thing. Mistakes can happen anywhere, but it's how they are handled that we remember.

  6. I'm happy Mark as now I'll end up with two trees for the price of one - if T&M had just told me the name of the peach I'd have been happy with that - but don't tell them!

  7. That's impressive customer service Sue, I must admit that I am getting increasingly irritated by some suppliers not sending out the correct plants. I really must get around to doing a post about my disaster of a dahlia border, ruined at least in part by the incorrect labelling and therefore supply of dahlias... Enjoy your peaches!

  8. Now that's exemplary service!

  9. We did enjoy the peaches Janet. The company with the poorest after sales so far has surprisingly been a condescending female at Marshalls. (Sorry make that two - the supervisor I insisted on speaking to was as bad)

    It is VH I was impressed by them.

  10. Fantastic peachy lookin nectarines. I really do envy you on that one. One of my fav fruits a real delicacy to grow them.

  11. I just hope last year wasn't a one hit wonder, Craig

  12. Nice to hear a positive outcome and everyone's happy. Good service makes such a difference! The fruit looks lovely.

  13. It tasted lovely too Kelli

  14. Very jealous of your peach...and now you are going to get nectarine too!!

    I have an apricot tree but I don't know what variety and i only planted it last year so as of yet haven't had any fruit off it either...sorry I can't be more help.

  15. I'm looking forward to a anticipating nectarines and apricots, Tanya. I just hope that the peach doesn't sulk and not produce again. It was a happy mistake for us.


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