Thursday, February 4

Dove Love.

A dove is a symbol of love and peace. This pair of collared doves resting on our bird table may not be the traditional pure white but they certainly demonstrate love and peace. They seemed to take turns to have a little snooze. When one had its eyes open the other had them tightly closed.

Traditionally birds are supposed to choose their mates on Valentine's day but the birds in our garden seem a little advanced and many species are already paired up.

For ideas for Valentine's flowers click here

or what about this for an unusual Valentine's gift?

This heart shaped trowel from Harrod Horticultural can have a message engraved on the blade of up to 75 characters.

Click here to view details


  1. I have just been watching a pair of Collared Doves in my garden. Sat close together they were taking it in turns to preen each other. A couple of days ago I saw one taking twigs for nest building. They definitely didn't wait for Valentine's Day.

  2. Mmm ours were going a step further than preening! And the blue tits are definitely house hunting.
    Even the dunnocks are getting excitable as only dunnocks can and the blackbirds seem to be pairing up too.

  3. How come the dutch are so good at garden tools? My favorite trowels are both from Holland.

  4. Hee, hee - wasn't really expecting a reply - thought we were just playing a mutual game of leave a comment, get a link!

    And I didn't want to say too much, cos my favourite dutch tools are made by DeWitt rather than Sneeboer, which might have devalued your recommendation, and sounded like a spoiler....

  5. Hi NIck,
    I always post a reply if I can - with this weather I have had lots of time to browse other people's blogs and leave a comment if appropriate.

    The trowel wasn't really a recommendation just seemed an appropriate/different gift for Valentine's day. Recommend what you like all you like I won't think you're a spoiler.


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