Wednesday, February 3

Birds take their annual holiday

Last weekend was the annual RSPB Big Birdwatch and as on previous years the number of birds seen in our garden on the two counting days fell considerably. All winter we have been filling bird feeders at least once a day but during the count weekend hardly any birds visited the feeders or the bird tables and the level of seed hardly dropped.

I know others who take part in the bird count also comment on the distinct lack of birds during the count so what is going on? The only thing that I can think of is that more people put out food for the birds during the count weekend to encourage birds into their garden and that the birds are so fickle that they visit new places rather than the boring usual diners!

Two birds that we did notice over the weekend were the pair of bluetits that seemed to spend the day home hunting. They seemed really interested in the sparrow terrace which is fastened to the side of our house. Bought especially for house sparrows to nest in the terrace has been occupied by blue tits every year since we bought it. Another sparrow terrace has housed great tits. No sparrows have shown interest and the houses which are supposed to be ideal for blue tits and great tits remain empty!

Oh ... and by the way once bird watch weekend was over - the birds were back!

My January diary page is now complete - if you are interested in reading it click here for last weeks entry and here for the complete January entry.


  1. That's always the way; when you want them, they don't come, and once it's all over, they come back, mocking you. It's almost as if they knew!

  2. That's my other theory. They know we are counting them so lie low. This way the RSPB is worried that the numbers are declining and continues the support. NO species wants to look prolific or they may not get a fair slice of the action!

    Could they possibly be that intelligent?

  3. Well I don't think my neighbours know too much about bird watch weekend because I think if anything I had a few more birds appear...nothing rare though!!


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