Thursday, February 19

Association Matters

Message from Alastair:

The AGM for the Green Lane Allotment Association
will be taking place towards the end of March. As part of the AGM new officers will be voted in. The positions available are;

3 committee members

If you would like to put your name forward for any of the above positions then please email me stating the position you wish to be considered for.
The closing date for putting your name forward is Sunday 1st March.
I will email you hopefully this week with the date for the AGM and the venue.
The above information will be posted on the notice boards this week for those without an email address.
Best wishes


What your Association has done for you over the last 4 years:
* Arranged for the council to reconnect the taps that didn't work (50% of all site taps).
* Arranged for skips to be delivered for plot holder’s rubbish.
* Had the car parking area cleared of all the stockpiled rubbish (several times!).
* Cleared and let off most of the derelict plots.
* Obtained planning permission for a new steel palisade fence and gates.
* Had the main gate replaced.
* Had the fence around the main gate replaced.
- Which reduced the ingress of undesirables, so reducing anti-social incidents and also promoting a sense of security by actively implementing the COUNCIL regulation of closing and locking the gates

* Had one pedestrian gate replaced
* Tidied up the communal plot.
* Created a manure storage bay.
* Created a chippings storage bay.
* Raising money for the rest of the fence.
* Raised awareness of site safety and speeding around the site.
* BBQ’s
* Sunflower competition.
* Vegetable competition.

In short the association has promoted and represented you, the plot holder’s, in trying to get the council to fulfil it's duties for the betterment of the site as well as improving the site facilities through fund raising and implementing the requests of the majority with the monies raised.

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