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Monday, February 21

Update on blog contents

This is just an image and not a live link
Update on Bird Cam: The poor weather seems to have meant that the birds don't seem to be as actively engaged in house hunting. We have had one prospective tenant stick its head through the entrance for a quick nose around but it hasn't been back - probably just a nosy time waster. Just so Martyn and I don't end up writing duplicate posts I have added a bird cam button on the sidebar which will link to any bird cam updates - if you click on it you should be able to take a look at the images grabbed when the first prospective tenant paid us a quick call. The photos have been changed to black and white as this way the image is clearer.
I've also added a recipe button on the bar at the top of the blog. Most recipes are things we have enjoyed creating or have been created by our plot neighbours Pat and Joe. The other links take you to other sections of my website.

Children's Gardening:
I'm adding some resources to The School Vegetable Patch website which are intended for use by schools carrying out gardening projects but they may also be of some interest to those of you who support schools or are trying to interest your own children in growing things. Details of the resources can be found here. They are all freely available on the web or to download - more will be added soon.


  1. There's been very few birds around here over the past couple of days. The weather has a lot to do with it, it's so cold again today too.

  2. The birds have come for food Jo but just don't seem interested in house hunting. It is miserable and cold though!

  3. I love the Recipe section. Great presentation too. I feel inadequate all of a sudden!

  4. Don't Mark - your cooking is much more adventurous than ours is!

  5. That's the first time I've clicked on the recipes button - wow - they all look great!

  6. Wow, I like all of the changes you made to your site!!

  7. Great changes! I love the seed list, I didn't see it before.

  8. Arrr shame. One of my neighbours has some blue tits popping in and out of his regularly. Though, sadly nothing in mine either :( And I have two to tempt them!

  9. I only added the recipes button last week Damo - prompted by something Mark put on his blog.

    Glad you like it Robin - got to do something when it's miserable outside

    We hope to update the seed list Ana as we sow etc as a record of when we did what - we did the same last year.

    We usually have blue tits and great tits nesting Damo but for some reason they defy everything that you read and go in the sparrow terrace - time yet though

  10. Thanks for the link to the School vegetable patch, I'll pass that on to a teacher friend who is looking for info for the schoolchildren.

  11. You are very organize Sue. I keep on forgetting to update my sowing schedule.

  12. Yum, some great looking recipes there, I will be back - assuming I manage to grow anything worth cooking!

  13. Hope iot is of some use to your friend PK - remember that more will be added to theresources shortly. I usually signpost new bits of the website from The School Vegetable Patch blog. Links for all our blogs and websites are on the sidebar.

    We may be fairly organised Diana but we're not really doing a lot outside!

    I'm sure that you will grow some delicious fresh vegetables Janet.

  14. have been really busy and the site is looking great...can't wait for you to get some residents in your will be amazing to see them.

  15. You have to do something when it is miserable outside Tanya.

    We have now added a bird web can area and had our first prospective tenant yesterday - it seemed really interested!

  16. Oops naughty I was logged in as Martyn!


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