Tuesday, January 18

Survivors and casualties

Yesterday afternoon was dry and sunny so inspired the first trip of 2011 to the allotment. The visit wasn't without some trepidation - would the scene be one of devastation. As it turned out there was good and bad news. Generally speaking above ground bad - below ground good! Hopefully the photo album below provides a summary of the state of play. Martyn has posted more about our carrot harvest on his blog here.

Click on the play arrow to start the slideshow

I have also started my 2011 diary on my website here

Talking of survivors this is my 800 post for this blog - almost an encyclopaedia!


  1. 800!! blimey... lol.

    177 posts later and catching :D

  2. That's a lot considering how long you have been blogging Craig.

  3. 800, you have more than 11 times more post that me. It is an encyclopedia, one that I am happy to read.
    I hope I can be as diligent as you have been.

  4. It doesn't look so bad! I'd be quite pleased if mine looked that tidy.

  5. Congratulations on your 800th post, any plans for what number 1000 will be yet?

  6. 800 posts...that's a major WOW....I am hopefully going to the plot tomorrow...been to busy playing catch up with everything else today.

    Any idea how many comments you have received??

  7. Your plot looks very good - no weeds in the garden beds. A lot of plants have survived, so you will have a good start in spring.

  8. Congratulations on 800 posts. The allotment seems to be doing well, especially everything you're still harvesting from it.

  9. Fer - you have made a much better start than I did so I'm sure you'll get there

    Things maybe never look as bad in photos Rob - it isn't as tidy as it looks maybe the untidy bits didn't get into the photos!

    Number 1000 Damo must be about a year away at least so no plans yet!

    No idea on total number of omments Tanya. In the comments archive there are 2002 but that has only been collating for a while hasn't it?

    You just can't spot the weeds from the photos Vrtlarica but I can assure you that there are weeds there!

    We were pleased to have something to harvest Jo - it just goes to show how hardy things are and the straw covering worked well on the carrots and beetroot.

  10. okay apart from the cardoon (boke) it looks fabulous!!!! So jealous, we need to really get our fingers out *hangs head in shame*

  11. Looks like they were mostly survivors. I hope you have some freezer space free...

  12. Hi Carrie and Mark,
    The cabbages are a bit of a disaster. The red cabbage looked OK so we were going to have it for last night's dinner. I cut it in half and it was smelly and mushy inside so was taken out of the kitchen asap but stoll managed to leave a lingering smell!!

    Freezer space is increasing Mark but most of what we have is Ok to store in the garage at the moment!

  13. Funny how we both posted about different aspects of survival!

  14. Mine didn't include blood and gore though Linda - just mush!

  15. I'll be ecstatic if my plot looks half as good - and productive - as yours this time next year! But first there are more armfuls of couch grass to dig out...

  16. Mmm couch grass is a problem Janet but don't you think we are all more critical of our own patch?

    I'm sure your knock yours into shape and it will look wonderful.


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