Friday, June 12

So whose baby is it?

Jack a young visitor to our site asked if we got robins in winter so this post is for him! We see robins all year round. The top photograph was taken in my garden last year and shows a young robin. Young robins don't have the red breast but are spotty. This camouflages them when they are young. Robins are very nosy birds and also can become very tame. The adult bird above was trying to decide whether we had any titbits for him/her. Another photo of this robin can be seen here.

The robin below was photographed having a good bath in our garden.


  1. hello sue

    Thankyou for the photos of the robin, he/she is lovely. At school we have a bird box and some blue tits nested in there . They laid 6 eggs which hatched and we were able to waqtch them via a webcam which Mr Wright had set up for us all. This has been a very exciting time. Mummy said we may walk down and have a look at the allotments again soon

    thankyou Jack Green xx

    ps I like your flowers

  2. I'd have loved to have watched the baby birds Jack, you are very lucky.
    Did Mr Wright take any photos?

    Have you watched the blue tit viidoe on my web site


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