Tuesday, September 5

Adding Comments

If you are not a member of this blog and do not have a blogger account you can still post comments. The name that you wish to use can be added within the comment.

  1. Enter your comment into the box provided.
  2. Click inside the radio button next to Other or Anonymous.
  3. You do not have to enter any information in the input boxes
  4. Copy the letters and numbers into the input box (this is to ensure that you are in fact a person and not a machine)!!
  5. Click on Submit
  6. You may have to refresh your browser for you comment to appear.
When making a comment you should observe web etiquette. Any comment that is considered to be offensive will be removed by the moderator.

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I am getting quite a lot of spam. It is not published and is just deleted. I have stopped sifting through it and just delete any that ends up in my spam folder in one go so I am sorry if one of your messages is deleted accidentally.
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