Tuesday, August 7

July diary is complete.

The July diary is now completed click here to read more and the August diary has been started click here to read more.
Maybe it should be August month of courgettes - if you have ideas for how to make use of a glut of courgettes then share them by making a comment on this post. No doubt Pat will come up with a recipe or two!!
Your ideas may be amusing rather than practical but remember children read our blog!!

Links to web sites mentioned in the comments:
Italian Taste
Chocolate Courgette Loaf


  1. Courgette recipe no.1

    Puree one raw courgette with one clove of garlic and two sticks of chalk. Wrap up in muslin and use as a poultice to cure boils

  2. il professoreAugust 08, 2007

    Follow the link for some scientific stuff - well sort of.


  3. Crime stopperAugust 08, 2007

    Courgette idea no.1

    Get an overgrown courgette and slice off one end and scoop out the inside as best you can. Now use the hollowed out courgette as a place to keep your valubles; rings, cameras, passports, etc. and keep it inside the fridge. No burgler would even think to look inside a courgette.

  4. Try substituting courgettes for oranges in the well known family game 'Oranges and Polo Mints'

  5. il professoreAugust 08, 2007

    Mi scusi
    It did not copy the full address so I try again!

  6. ChocaholicAugust 08, 2007

    Try Chocolate courgette loaf - if you dare.



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