Wednesday, January 10

Martyn's birthday outing to RSPB Fairburn Ings

Monday, January 8

First harvest of the year

We managed just one visit to the plot last week. It was on New Year's Day and what better way to celebrate the new year than to pick a few fresh vegetables to see us through the week.

The harvest was pretty much as you would expect at this time of the year - no surprises this time.
We were happy to see some more large parsnips - the roots are so long that they tend to snap and leave their tails behind them - a bit like Little Bo Peeps sheep.

The only real disappointment is provided by the carrots. We keep hoping that the next harvest will be better but we are still lifting very misshapen, pest attacked specimens. I wonder whether the proximity of this bed to the compost heaps is providing a safe haven to slugs. If so we will have to think carefully about what we plant there this season.

After harvesting we had a little time, before rain stopped play, to do some more work on some of the areas on the plot that have been earmarked for a face lift.

Martyn, worked on a large area that has been neglected for several years. It had been covered with weed control fabric but after being neglected for so long the weeds had grown through making the task far more difficult.
There is still work to be done but Martyn is making good progress.

I am tackling a much smaller area - which is only fair as I am much smaller. The end of one of our fruit tree beds was very messy, mainly due to it being almost impossible to remove couch grass from where it had woven itself around and in amongst a clump of rhubarb. The rhubarb needed digging out to enable me to tackle the clearance.

I can't find a before photo but you can get some idea from where part of the messy area is visible at the end of the bed in the photo below.
The photos below show the state of play so far.

Not as dramatic as Martyn's achievements but no less overdue.

As the rhubarb was lifted I noticed that it was beginning to produce new shoots. No doubt being wrenched from the soil and chipped in half will have set it back but fortunately we have clumps elsewhere that are also producing new growth.

Not quite rhubarb crumble stage yet but it's a welcome sign that the new season has begun.

Again Martyn produced a video of our New Year's Day activity which, if you are interested, can be viewed here.

As usual I am linking to Harvest Monday which is this week hosted on Michelle's blog

Wednesday, January 3

December picture diary

My completed December diary with notes and links to both our blogs is here

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Monday, January 1

Changing harvests 2017

At the start of a brand new year, I thought that I would look back at how our harvests have changed throughout 2017.

The photos show the variety of crops that we have harvested each month but don't include all the herbs and things such as watercress that we have gathered in small quantities as we have needed them







As usual I am linking to Harvest Monday which is this week hosted on Michelle's blog
 From Seeds to Table

By the way Martyn put together a video summarising a year on our allotment. I have already shared it on Facebook and Twitter. Martyn posted it on his YouTube channel  but in case you missed it and have about 46 minutes to spare it is also posted on our vlog here.

Just to finish may 2018 turn out to be everything you would wish it to be.