Sunday, August 28

Scampston Walled garden and Parkland Trails

We have been meaning to visit Scampston Hall Gardens for a while and on Friday actually made it and what's more the weather was kind to us.

There is plenty to see at Scampston. We started our tour with a wander around the walled gardens.

Plantsman's walk

Within the walls of the garden are various garden rooms enclosed by a series of clipped yew hedges.

Perennial meadow and conservatory

The central area is the Perennial Meadow which is dominated by the newly renovated conservatory and a central fountain.

Perennial meadow

The beds are planted with butterflies and bees in mind and although the perennial season is drawing to a close there was still plenty to see. A feature of the walled garden is that plants are either individually labelled or a planting plan is posted nearby.

The conservatory houses a display of pelargoniums and also various exhibitions including a replica head gardener's office where all the artefacts are numbered and listed.
Can you guess what this is?
other garden rooms include a cut flower and a vegetable garden.

Cut Flower Garden

Vegetable Garden

After lunch in the restaurant we explore the hall gardens and parkland trails.

I am just including a short sample of the photos that we took here.

Rock garden and hall

Rock garden

The grounds were designed by Lancelot Capability Brown - who else would it be?

Lake from Palladian bridge

A Palladian bridge overlooks the main lake and there are plenty of majestic, mature trees to enjoy

Upper part of lake with cascade

The less formal end of the lake is complete with a cascade.

Of course there was a plant sale and you wouldn't expect us to come away empty handed would you.
We bought a red helenium for the red and yellow border. The rain on the flowers is an additional feature added yesterday when the weather prevented a planned plot visit. 

The plants for sale had a descriptive label similar to those used in the garden.
As usual we took lots of photos and video.

I have set up a couple of photo albums containing some photos that we took here. 

and Martyn's videos of the Walled garden and Parkland are below.

If you're interested - take a look.


  1. So very lovely, Sue--what a remarkable place.

  2. What a wonderful place - that conservatory is something! I have no idea what that wooden holey gadget is...perhaps to sort seeds.

    1. It's actually a ceramic gadget, Margaret and Malar has the answer.

  3. What a gorgeous place. In my dreams - post winning the Lottery of course - that's the kind of garden I'd like. But thankfully with all that Lottery dosh I could afford to pay a full team of gardeners :)

    1. But you have a similar place already, Jayne :-)

  4. It looks like a beautiful placer to visit x

  5. Beautiful photos, I love visiting gardens for inspiration!

  6. Beautiful garden! Is it a seedling tray? Just a wild guess!

    1. Your wild guess is absolutely correct, Malar.

  7. I bet you could spend weeks there! What a fascinating place, I wouldn't mind visiting one day. Love your Helenium, a lovely shade of

    1. We will be back, Dina especially now we know that RHS members have free access on a Friday :-)

  8. We visited several years ago, Piet Oudolf at his best. Good restaurant to.

    1. Yes we had a good lunch, Brian

  9. Its a while since I've been there and this has prompted me that I must go again. I love the perennial planting. But it really has so many features. Great photos

    1. We must go when the perenniaks are at their peak, Annie


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