Sunday, July 1

The last chance to win a copy of one of Terry Woodger's Field Guides.

Four visitors have now each won a copy of one of Terry Woodger's Pictorial Field Guides. Now here is the final chance to be a winner this time the guide focuses on Tree, Shrub & Vine seeds. Most of the content of the field guides is similar but each has a section devoted to a particular group of seeds - this time Tree, Shrub & Vine seeds.

I've tried to create a competition that is a bit different from previous competitions whilst sticking to the theme of linking the competition to the subject of the prize.

This time I've set up a sudoku with a twist. Instead of using numbers to solve this sudoku you must enter the letters from the word CEANOTHUS. For those of you who aren't familiar with this type of puzzle, you must arrange the letters of the word CEANOTHUS in the grid so that each letter appears once in each row and in each column. Each letter must also appear in each of the nine sections

A printable copy of the puzzle can be accessed by clicking here It's in PDF format so you will need Adobe Acrobat reader which can be downloaded from here

You can enter the competition by completing the grid and emailing me a scanned copy or photograph of your solution or you can use the entry form here. To use the entry form just copy each line of your solution as indicated on the form.
Entries must be received by 31 July 2012.  Good Luck

And for those of you unfamiliar with a ceanothus - it is a shrub with lovely blue flowers. The one below is growing in a neighbours garden but as it spreads over the top of our fence we can enjoy it too. At the moment the flowers are just going over.
So why did I choose a ceanothus as the subject of this competition - well it was the only tree/shrub that I could think of that had nine letters which were all different!

If you enjoy sudoku I have some other 'word' puzzles on my website here. No prizes for those though!
PS - Just in case you missed it the winner of the flower guide and answers to the competition are posted here


  1. Very happy with this competition...I LOVE sudoku!!

    1. I do too but a, doing some Fiendish ones at the moment! I have a sunflower and an artichoke sudoku on my website. The hardest part is thinking of gardning words with nine different letters.

  2. Mother of the brideJuly 13, 2012

    Like your blog very much, thank you for sharing, Ican learn many things from your blog!

    Sorry I've deleted your URL as it is a business link


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