Tuesday, April 3

Winner of Vegetable Seed Book Competition

First the answers:
1 Broad Bean
3 Curly Kale
4 Beetroot (seeds)
5 Onion
6 Sweet Corn
7 Sprouts
8 Cabbage
9 Potato (flower)
10 Cauliflower
11 carrot
12 Runner Bean (flower)
13 Accepted broccoli & calabrese
14 Pea

The two (there were only two with all answers correct when I rechecked) correct entries were:
Jules (Suburban Veg Plot)
Mark (Marks' Veg Plot)

To draw the name of the winner I downloaded an application called The Hat.

The two names were listed and then shuffled several times before clicking Pick

And the lucky winner is ...

 ... Mark. Well done and congratulations Mark. Can you email me the address to which you would like the book to be sent?

Well done Jules too with only two of you correctly identifying all the vegetables it was a shame I couldn't send you both a prize. I hope you will enter the other competitions.

Well done too to the other entrants as most of you got most of the answers correct.


  1. Congratulations to Mark and commiserations to Jules, both did extremely well to get all answers correct. It seems much easier when the answers are there by the side though.

  2. It's also far easier when you have created the pictures Jo!

  3. Congrats to Mark. Unfortunately I didn't get around to submitting my answers...no fear though...I didn't get them all correct..lol

    1. Never mind Tanya - four more competitions to come!

  4. Damn those sprouts, beetroot and runner bean flowers - actually I got heaps wrong didn't I.....well done to those who got them right!

    1. No you didn't Liz - just the three that you mentioned and they were difficult ones!

  5. Congratulation Mark! No. 9 was difficult! No. 2 I was guessing parsnip because I knew you don't plant any type of celery. Hahaha I think I got half of them incorrect;).

    1. You got 11 totally correct and one close, Diana which wasn't at all a bad effort!


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