Thursday, December 1

Green Roof?

I just wish that the bird weren't such messy eaters. We are forever cleaning up the floor around the bird tables and sunflowers sprout in the most unlikely of places.

Now though our birds seem to have been reading up on green living and have started to create a green roof on the top of one of the bird tables.
I can't see the sunflowers surviving - maybe the birds will have their own supply of fresh greens.

Short digression:
If you remember I started a new project designing greetings cards - well just to mention that one of my designs has been chosen to include in a charity collection for Help the Heroes. If you're interested in taking a peep click here


  1. I grew (and subsequently ate) some carrots that grew from seeds that fell from our bird table.
    The fungi and moulds in your pics would look very imptessive if super-zoomed!

  2. Hehe, careful - I know someone who found he'd accidentally grown a load of marijuana from fallen birdseed!

  3. I'll have to try that when it's warm enough to hold the camera still Mark.

    Mmm I seem to have heard of something similar too Naomi! I'll keep a look out for that.

  4. They're such messy things are birds. I've currently got starlings fighting over the suet blocks which I've put out. Congratulations on your card being used, such a worthwhile charity.

  5. That came into my mind too BW,

    Mmm suet blocks can be messy Jo.

  6. Hi Sue, congrats on the card pick - not sure your birds are going to build you a very effective green roof, though if they do manage a fine crop of marijuana they might manage to keep themselves in bird seed!

  7. I'll know what has happened if the birds start flying 'high' BW ;)

  8. It's amazing where plants can get themselves established...I'm curious to know how far through the winter they survive!!

  9. The goldfinches have started browsing the green roof Tanya


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