Tuesday, September 20

Take an autumnal tour of our plot


  1. It's a big plot isn't it! But looking really good and lots going on.

  2. The thing that struck me most was how under control your grass is! I see you have boards edging the beds - but you also seem to have lawn-like grass in between the beds. Has it been dry with you - the grass looks like summer grass still.

  3. Wonderful photos, and remarkably weed-free! Lovely Autumn sunlight!

  4. I love all the flowers sue! And cranberries WOW! We never get fresh cranberries in Australia, always dried or as 'juice'... What sort of growing conditions do they require?

  5. It all looks so tidy. I'm impressed with your peppers, mine are still ripening, won't be long now.

  6. Your plot looks fantastic! Absolutely loved the tour. Thank you. :)

  7. oh my good grief. Tis just as well I am sitting here alone as my mouth was hanging open in a not too pretty way (I must have looked like a scared zombie). I am utterly amazed at how FANTASTIC this all looks. Dear me, wait until you see our place *shakes head*. In fact, I don't think I'll let the hubby see this post, he may cry...
    Congratuations on a brilliant job well done, great harvests, lovely colourful beds and flowers AND sunshine!! xxx

  8. Goodness, that all looks close to immaculate! You should see mine... Or maybe not... Nice job Sue, shows what all your hard work has done.

  9. It is a big plot Alison. No way we would be able to rent it noew with waiting lists but we took it on years ago when no-one really was into allotments.

    We only have a couple of boards by our raspberries Linda. This was because the path was new and needed keeping in place. No boards elsewhere as they would get in the way of keeping the grass under control.

    The weeds are there matron but maybe not in shot!

    Cranberries need an acid soil Phoebe. We used to grow them between the blueberries but being spreading plants were difficult to weed so we have them in tubs now.

    Lots of things seems to have been slow to ripen this year don't they Jo?

    Glad you enjoyed your visit VG

    A pleasure Diana.

    Remember everything looks better when it belongs to someone else Carrie.

    It really really isn't immaculate Janet - you should see my neighbours plot - now that is immaculate.

  10. Lovely tour...one day i will have such a wonderful allotment to show and then I will take the time to learn to put videos on my blog!!

  11. But you already have a lovely plot Tanya!


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