Sunday, August 7

I didn't mean to become a vandal but ...

When I was weeding on the plot a few weeks ago, I inadvertently uncovered an ants' nest. It's the second time that I've done this as I did just the same thing last year and in the same bed so I guess it's the same colony of ants. They must dread me coming.

Both times it seems that I vandalised a nursery chamber and consequently unearthed lots of larvae. The larvae were at various stages of development from 'newborns' to almost adult or maybe teenage stage.

An army of ants sprung into action retrieving their precious offspring and rushing them to a place of safety. All the rushing about gave us a chance to grab the video camera - well Martyn did as he's the video man - and get some footage.

So why has it taken me so long to write a post about it? Well I had to edit the video and do a bit of research about ants first. One fascinating fact that I learned was that adult ants teach young ants how to forage for food. Surely this is unique in the insect world.

I could bore you here with lots of other things that I have found out about ants but I'll leave you to choose whether or not you really want to know more. If you do then click here to visit the article that I have written on my website!


  1. Ants teach us a lot of lessons. I remember my childhood storybooks which always potray them as hardworking!

  2. They are certainly busy little creatures Malar - especially when I am about

  3. Hardworking ants. My parents mango plant usually have ant nest on them.

  4. If we found an ants' nest we'd have to work VERY hard to keep the chickens off them! I suspect ants are undermining our front driveway.

  5. Do they do any damage to the mango plants Diana?

    Oh dear I hope they don't cause too much damage to your driveway VH - it's amazing what such tiny creatures can achieve.

  6. I've a growing ant population throughout the garden, noticing more each year as I'm digging around the plant beds. They usually locate near a concrete siding/curb or under a concrete stepping stone. Your article was interesting. I often see ants on my plants and I've wondered are they doing damage to the plant or are they going for the aphids or insects on the plant (or both). Have to say an ant bite does hurt! P.S. Thanks for your help identifying the plants I posted. All the best, Kelli.

  7. We never used to see ants at all Kelli but now they are a common sight.

  8. I am always disturbing ants nests and I love to watch them scurry around and save there young....I don't mind ants and I don't mean to disturb them but they really should learn not to make there homes in the middle of my plot....they should stick to the edges and the paths!!

  9. It's just the one bed where I seem to disturb them Tanya. But this time the opposite side so I don't know how far the nest stretches. It's amazing they don't move out as in autumn the tiller must devastate the whole nest


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