Saturday, April 23

Chocolate ladybirds and Easter eggs

I noticed this ladybird browsing aphids on one ot our apple trees. Don't you think it looks like half an Easter egg made from milk chocloate with white chocolate spots?

It was a bit difficult to get a really good photo as it was moving around quite quickly and the camera wanted to focus on anything but the ladybird but you can get the idea.

Looking at a ladybird chart I found that it is a cream spotted ladybird. The only others that look like it are found on conifers.

I have an article on ladybirds on my website here if you are interested.

As for Easter eggs our blue tits are building up their egg collection. We can only spot the eggs when the female first leaves the nest on a morning as she soon covers them. She seems to quite like the poodle wool that we popped out to see if the birds were interested in using it as nesting material. See our link on the sidebar for the latest nest cam videos.



  1. There seem to be so many different types of Ladybird around now. Years ago, I used to think of them as being only red with black spots. Do you know whether they are all good, or are any of them pests?

  2. I don't think any in the UK are a problem Mark as they are predatory and eat bugs. In some other parts of the world their are sub-species that can be a problem.

  3. I remember seeing the yellow ladybirds a lot when I was little but I don't see them very often now. Exciting news on the egg front, looks like you'll have plenty of chicks.

  4. We call them ladybugs here. I have never seen one that color before. It really does look like chocolate. We have the red or orangish ones with black spots.

    How nice to have eggs in the nest for Easter! Happy Easter to you too!

  5. Ladybird will get so many easter egg in my garden! Hope you have a good time at your allotment this weekend.

  6. I haven't seen one like that before, I'll keep my eyes peeled!

  7. Just hope evrything goes well nesy wise Jo,

    It is strange how we call them birds Robin.

    I think we may be giving the allotment a miss over the weekend Diana.

    I spotted it whilst scanning the apple trees for woolly aphid Damo or I would have missed it!

  8. It is nice to have friendly ladybird around to clean up aphid mess...

  9. I've never spotted ladybirds any colour other than red - must keep my eyes pealed. Love the nestbox view, hope there are lots of healthy baby birds soon. Happy Easter!

  10. Such a timely ladybird! Very chocolate egg looking. Beautiful to see eggs in the nest!

  11. And we have plenty of aphids to keep the ladybirds and feathered birds happy Bangchik

    The female blue tit is now incubating Janet and from what I have read this will take about two weeks before any eggs hatch.

    It is just like half a chocilate egg isn't it Mrs Bok

  12. I checked out the nest cam pictures...I think it's great to be able to see the activity inside that is always missed!!

    I have never seen a ladybird like this the befogging of the month we were inundated with ladybirds but just lately we haven't seen many, I really hope they come back soon!!

  13. We still have lots of ladybirds Tanya.
    It is fascinating watching the inside nest activity - even during incubation the female works really hard as she keeps turning the eggs - at least that is what I think she is doing - another video clip will go on the web soon.


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