Sunday, September 19

I need a book recommendation

Just a plea for advice really.
I want to buy a book on either growing fruit and vegetables in containers or in a small garden amongst ornamental plants. If I can find one that does both all the better!
The book needs to inspire someone who has never grow their own vegetables and give good information with good pictures to make it a book that you want to browse.

Any ideas?


  1. I did spot a set of books in Tesco's at the moment, each one specialises in a particular subject and are sold individually. I am sure there was one there which hit the lines you are looking for. Don't ask me what they were called lol. :) A quick browse may come up trumps?

  2. Hi Craig - Believe it or not but we don't have a Tesco's anywhere near to us - wonder if they have them online - I'll have a look. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. is this a book for you?? If not what age range are we looking at??

  4. Hi I have a book called Vegetables in a Small Garden (RHS) that I bought in 2008 from eBay! It has some lovely photos but it might not be exactly what you are looking for.

  5. Hi Tanya,
    No it isn't for me it's for a gift for a friend - daren't publically state the age range in case she sees the blog - which I hope she doesn't as it is a surprise - never grown anything to eat in her life.
    Thanks for the suggestion 8x6 I'll have a look for it

  6. Last time I was in a bookshop (about 2 weeks ago)the gardening shelves were groaning with books about container growing. Myself I balk at raised beds so these books are not for me. Sorry, can't remember any of the names.

  7. Hi Mal - We don't have raised beds either - I'll browse the bookshelves and no doubt be overwhelmed by the choice!!!

  8. Cannot suggest a specific book but I'd look for something by Alan T or Carol Klein - you will get something which is mostly accurate, written in an accessible style and not too frightening for beginners.

  9. Hello BW - they are practical people aren't they - haven't seen anything suitable by either of them yet though

  10. Try this link, Sue:

    I knew I'd seen a list somewhere!

  11. May sound a bit bizarre but I've ordered the one that the guy who posted the list on Mal's link gave away to Oxfam.
    The very reasons that he gave for not liking the book described exactly what I was looking for.

    I'll let you know if it was a good choice. Moral is that it is difficult to recommend anything really isn't it - one man's (or woman's) meat etc.

  12. The book has arrived Crops in Pots and is just what I wanted. Just as good for the coffee table as for inspiration and growing ideas. I didn't want one where things grow in drainpipes and are ultra practical as if my friend decides to gorw on her patio it needs to double up as being visually attractive too not a mini allotment. Just hope she likes it!!


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