Saturday, July 24

The problem with manure

If you're new to allotments you may not have heard about the problem many of us have experienced over the last couple of years or so after using manure that was contaminated with a very persistent herbicide.

It's really important that you are aware of this if you are planning to manure your land as the problem hasn't gone away and won't for a while yet. There are still people being affected this year - . If you have no idea what I am talking about then please make sure you read the information on my website. There are several pages linked form here.

But if you don't want to bother reading everything at least visit this page and look through the photos of affected crops. Also make sure any gardening friends  and anyone supplying manure are aware too.


  1. Thanks for that, well worth a read. I guess you never really know where things come from. On our site we get free horse manure and wood bark mulch. I guess if it is free, one cannot say no :D

  2. Some people who have had free manure though have regretted it when their plants started to die. One man lost his life's collection of dahlias. :(

    If you have a regular supplier it's worth making sure that they know of the problem.

  3. Now I begin to understand why bloggers had been suggesting about pulling out and throwing away wilted tomato plants. So the bacteria that is causing the wilting will not get back to our small ecosystem. But we never know what business people do or do not do with their product of manure and compost.... ~bangchik

  4. The herbicide contamination specially affectes tomatoes and potatoes casuing the leaves to distort not so much wilt.

    Once the herbicide is absorbed into the plant material to compost this material just carries the problem into the next year etc.

  5. always good to have a re-cap on the problems...i didn't realise it was still going on so I am very happy that my cousin supplies my manure from his pet's a good arrangement and i know exactly what it will contain. I know that we still aren't having manure shipped to our allotment to buy as the owners are very wary after the devastation a few years ago.

    I think if something like this was offered to me free i would be even more wary.

  6. Hi Tanya - the worry os that for some it isn't a recap - I am still getting emails to my website from new victims this year who had not heard of the problem. Just not enough publicity - on TV gardening shows they tell us to use manure but don't mention taking care!


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