Monday, July 26

Is the end nigh?

No not a posting predicting the end of the world - I'm just wondering for how much longer we can have almost all of our 5-a-day from a bowl of fruit salad made with fruit picked from the plot?

Being mostly berries construction of the mountain is a bit tricky as the berries tend to roll down the slopes. Maybe Martyn - being a civil engineer - should take over construction. By the way his portion is the one on the left.

Although a couple of our plum trees and our gages seem devoid of fruit the Victoria has plums ripening and we have plenty of apples and a few pears. Autumn fruiting yellow raspberries are just starting to come into fruit so we should be OK for a while longer but I am expecting the major berry glut to be over soon.


The garden and plot are also very colourful at the moment. The perennials bought this year are doing well but as they are small and will need a year to really get going I have added some annuals to the flower borders in the garden to help things along.

I've added this week's diary entry to my website so if you are interested click here.


  1. Mmm my mouth is watering yet again. Mmmm fruit salad... damn I best be laiden with strawberries next season, no pityful crops please!!! :D

  2. Lovely flower pictures. You can't beat fresh fruit for your 5 a day - especialy in a Pimms (Did I say that out loud?)

  3. I hope you'll have loads of strawberries too Craig - by the way it's your fault that I have changed my profile image

    VH - You most certainly did say that out load - and clear. There are all sorts of puddings and desserts I could be making but the trouble is I love the fruit just as it is!!

  4. Wow that is impressive! I was a little scared by the title but I think I'll be okay... x

  5. the flowers look beautiful and I am envious of the amount of berries your plot is producing...another 5 years and I might just catch up....*sighs*

  6. Hello Tanya - a couple of years and you should be all systems go. Raspberries, gooseberries and strawberries quicker that that usually fruit well the year after planting so not long to wait!

  7. Don't go blaming me for changing your avatar :D

    Finished planting the strawbs in the bed today, I counted over 50 of them, do you think that will make a substantial harvest? I can always squeeze in a few more from my neighbours plot who says I can have some more if I want :D

    Working on my next bed, thinking of doing raspberries.

  8. 50 should give you a good harvest. You are better giving them a bit of room rather than squeezing them in.
    Are you aware that raspberries fruit at different times? So if you want to extend the season go for different varieties. I can recommend Glen Ample - mid season and delicious tasting large berries!
    As for the avatar - it was you who started talking arty wasn't it?

  9. I've been a bit stingy on giving them room, only got a half plot lol but will see how they do ;)

    I got a job on a raspberry farm a month or so ago, I lasted all of 2 days... partially colourblind aren't I lol. Was missing too many berries.

  10. Those berries look absolutely divine! And a bowl that big would cost you a fortune if you bought it from the supermarket. Amazing!

  11. A colour blind graphic artist :<

    Hi Amy - You wouldn't buy that many would you? NOt without robbing a bank :D

  12. "A colour blind graphic artist :<"

    I know, i'm gifted aren't I? :D

    I refuse to believe it myself. Damn reds and greens when they are all mixed up!!! Grrr... lol.

  13. The bowls of fruit look fantastic.

    As for VH's "outloud voice", hmm, yes {giggling childishly}, you should have heard her at Harlow Carr!

  14. Not at all - but she did make us laugh a great deal!

  15. Amazing fruit, ours has all finished now :(

  16. Hi Damo- We're enjoying it while it lasts - you were probably enjoying your fruit when ours was but a dream.


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