Tuesday, July 20

Be careful what you wish for.

Well we wished for rain didn't we and we got it. The garden and plot had a severe battering - for weather details click here

Despite the weather we managed to get quite a lot done - mainly harvesting, digging, clearing and hoeing in order to make sure the flattened soil didn't turn to concrete once it dried out.

One major picking session was the peas. These peas were from our first sowing which germinated well - unlike the later sowings. They have taken quite a while to swell up - presumably because of the dry weather. We did have a few pea moth maggots but not too many. It sometimes seems that the whole plot needs to be undercover to protect from pests.

We keep thinking that we have cropped all the fruit but the berries seem to keep on coming.

Yesterday we also decided to strip the fruit from the cherry tree before the birds did it for us. It's done very well as it was only planted a couple of years ago - I think we got about five cherries last year.

Now blackberries are ripening and being added to the picking schedule. If you look closely you can spot the first of our yellow raspberries too.

We also harvested our first purple cauliflower. The small basket of potatoes were really growing from 'weeds' growing on one of the beds being cleared so were a bonus.

For the full diary entry for last week click here

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  1. AnonymousJuly 20, 2010

    That purple cauliflower is beautiful - so big and so... purple! I have planted them also, but none of them grew any heads. So far I have only 2 white heads of cauliflower.
    I’m so jealous to see that you still have cherries growing; they are just a memory for me now.

  2. I'll think of you when muching the cherries vrtlarica but you will be happily eating your tomatoes whilsy I have none ready yet!

  3. oh my goodness!!! I thought we were doing good, okay we have as many peas and probably as many raspberries but CHERRIES! Darn it the 2 we had shrivelled up and died weeks ago - grrr
    Everything looks wonderful, enjoy it all xx

  4. What a great harvest. You must be really pleased with your cherries, especially as it's such a young tree. Did you see the rain last night? It woke me up it was so bad. I fear you'll be fluffing up the soil again after that.

  5. Hi Carrie - we were delighted with the cherries as they are they first real produce from the tree - it was full of flower but we didn't expect it all to set in the keen frosts - but it did!!!!! :)

    Yes Jo the rain was torrential here. Martyn took a video which he popped on his blog this morning here
    The hoe will indeed be back out

  6. your cabbage looks wonderful...I am hoping with more practice that one year I will be able to produce greens like this!!

    I have given up on peas...the pods are straggly and full of maggot so I have now stopped picking them...I think i will pull up the whole lot and try for a late crop...we had some rain but not a huge amount so not too much battering happened...whether that was a blessing or a curse remains to be seen!!

  7. Tanya - I'm sure once you get going your greens will be great - cauliflowers and sprouts are the ones which are a bit challenging. Coloured cauliflowers are a bit easier to grow but this year we grew some good 'normal' ones so can tick that off. For a couple years though our sprouts haven't been too goood - last year we had none so are making a concerted effort this year. They are hungry feeders and like a firm soil when planted so we are trying to give them what they want!

    Hi Craig - we just about manage our five a day :)

  8. Really, your crop is spectacular, I love my fruit and just looking at them makes my mouth water. I seriously cannot wait until next year. Whilst all you lot are sitting back, enjoying, you can watch me stress out on my blog :D


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