Sunday, June 27

Red - the colour of the moment!

We spent most of yesterday afternoon picking fruit - there are still lots and lots of redcurrants to gather but after a while you need a break from having fingers that stick to anything that you touch.

I sat on a little three legged stool under the netting and hardly moved to pick three punnets or 1.87kg. Maybe we will even leave some for the blackbirds when we have harvested enough. Only a tasting of blackcurrants but the bushes were newly planted this year and so that was to be expected.

I picked this cute little berry earlier in the week and so far it has avoided being eaten.

So red is the colour this weekend. If you are listening Mr. Capello - put your team in red and they will win 6 - 0!


  1. Oooh wow what a lot of lovely berries, I can almost taste them!

  2. Fruit season is wonderful isn't it? I picked nearly 4 lb of gooseberries yesterday and it looks like I haven't touched the bush!

  3. oh I envy you your redcurrants...i have had a few fruit but only enough to pop in my mouth......can't wait for next year when both the re and black currants can give me plenty of fruit...damn that fire!!

  4. Hi MofP - They did taste delicious - not that we ate all of them!

    VH - Our gooseberries are not yet ripe but we did have two ripe jostaberries so had one each as a taster

    Tanya - If you lived near to me I'd invite you to come for a picking.

    By the way the red shirts didn't work did they?

  5. AnonymousJune 27, 2010

    That is a lot of berries. What are you doing with them? Are you freezing them?
    I have only one redcurrant plant and definitely need more!

  6. vrtlarica - we eat somne fresh in fruit salads etc. We freeze most of the red currants just as they are - just pop them in bags and into the freezer. We add a little sugar to the strawberries and leave them to stand a little before freezing them too. We use the frozen fruit in desserts or add it to plain yoghurt to make our own fruit yoghurts or pop it on our porridge.

  7. I think you'll be self sufficient in berries for a while. Love that little funny shaped strawberry.


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