Sunday, June 6

Lots of twitterings

We may not be seeing many birds in our garden at the moment but are hearing plenty of twitterings from fledglings.

One little blue tit calling for its mum or dad was on the path by our garage.

I think he/she had newly emerged from its nest and felt a little abandoned.
I was a bit worried that it was on the ground and particularly vulnerable.

It did have a go at climbing up our garrage wall so its instincts to get higher were kicking in - but the garage is a high rock face for a little bird and I was very tempted to go a help lift it up into a bush. I realised that this wasn't the best thing to do when a parent bird popped down to feed it.

So we went off to the allotment and when we came back it had gone - hopefully to a safer place.

The photos are fuzzy if you try and view them at a larger size as I had to take them from quite a distance and I don't have one of those super-duper huge lenses and no time for a tripod!

Martyn managed to shoot a short piece of video whilst I tried my best to get some stills

By the way the RSPB are organising a nature count this week see here. Our list will be short unless we can count hearing the birds sing in the trees. I wish I was better at identifying birdsong as we have been hearing some very different 'tunes' and they are not starlings pretending to be car alarms or mobile phones!


  1. How sweet, I hope they are safe now. Unfortunately I found two dead chicks by my green house yesterday, I'm not sure whether they had been taken by cats or removed by a cuckoo, but the were perfect and untouched. Very sad

  2. oh He is just adorable...I was very happy to see 6 swallows fly over my head up the plot last Friday...haven't seen any for ages!!

    The parent looks a little scraggy as do all the parents at the minute...I guess they are all worn out feeding their babies!!

  3. We have two tiny sparrows which perch on our sweet pea supports and cuddle up to each other. We've called them Dobby and Winky (after the Harry Potter house-elves)

  4. Jome - what an awful thing to find. I wonder if they had fallen from the nest as room became tigher and they were trying out their wings

    We have swallows on our site Tanya. Usually they are swoppong down and taking water from puddles but no puddles this year well not up until yesterday.

    VH - I bet they look sweet - I think the RSPB specifically want to know how many baby sparrows are seen.

  5. What a cutie, I hope he managed to get to safety. I'm rubbish at identifying birdsong, well apart from the coo cooing of pigeons.

  6. I do too Jo, I can identify a few songs including the coo-coo but have heard some that seem new to the garden this year.

  7. he looks very cute!

  8. He was very cute Damo or she was very cute!


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