Friday, June 4

Incredible, Edible Wakefield

The Incredible, Edible Wakefield website has been set up to inspire and bring together anyone in Wakefield and the surrounding areas who has had enough of feeling powerless and wants to get involved in ideas and projects designed to help create more vibrant and resilient communities.  Their aim is to share ways that everyone can make a difference by coming together to increase the amount of healthy, local food, grown and eaten in and around the Wakefield area and in so doing reduce reliance on supermarkets and big business and help strengthen and support local communities.

One section of the website is devoted to allotments and offers some alternative suggestions to those who have been put off by the waiting lists for allotments but are still keen to have a go at growing on a decent size plot.

One of their campaigns is to encourage the council set up Community Growing locations in the Wakefield District and they have put together an on-line petition gathering together signatures that back the idea.

A group has also been set up called Home Grown Horbury who are working with the council to trial the community growing licences scheme in Wakefield. They have put together proposals for a community growing scheme for Horbury that could be used to provide opportunities for the local community to be actively involved in producing their own food. The scheme would include everything from crop planning, through the various stages of growing, right to the eventual harvesting and distribution of the produce and would also provide learning opportunities for local people to develop growing skills that could be taken on and used in the wider community.

Anyone interested in getting involved can make contact see here or join the Google group set up especially to support this project.


  1. It sounds like a good scheme. I hadn't heard anything about it before.

  2. It's quite a new scheme Jo. The guy who has started it just asked if I would help publicise it as he needs more community support.

  3. I think this sounds like a great scheme...i hope it does well and encourages more areas to do the same...I would love for something like this to be happening in my area.


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