Tuesday, May 18

Plants strike for better growing conditions!

All the plants on the plot went on strike last week – they were protesting against the poor growing conditions – until the weather improves they just refuse to make any growth.

Seedlings that had popped their heads through on the plot just refused to come out of the ground any further. Those plants that had attempted to defy the weather were punished.

Potato shoots which we just couldn’t earth up quickly enough were badly frosted and the frost even nipped back some of the shoots of a rosemary.

Excitement at the sight of flower buds on the kiwi turned to dismay as its leaves were devastated. Flower buds that offered such promise still seem to be in tact so maybe they have survived the onslaught.

Let's just hope for a better growing week this week.

To read the complete diary entry for last week visit my website here

And to keep us cheerful ...

Cornflowers flowering on the plot

Bluebells and wild orchids at Rievaulx Terrace

Bees enjoy the dandelions

Oil- seed rape gets everywhere including up my nose!


  1. That was certainly unseasonal frosty weahter. Things will positively leap out of the ground now it's warmed up a bit!

  2. Those bluebells are lovely. I must make time to get down to Rannerdale in the next week and see how the lovely b/bells there have fared after the floods.

  3. VH - I really do hope so
    BWaggins - Bluebells are lovely aren't they? pity they are not as plentiful as when I was a child. The scent from a bluebell wood is wonderful.

  4. Oh I hate the OSR and despite the appalling conditions of may it seems to have thrived EVERYWHERE. The weather is improving in my neck of the woods and temps. are slowly rising....maybe the frost is gone for the year??? God I hope so!

  5. A gorgeous day today, let's hope it's the start of the warmer weather!

  6. I've got today off and am planning to work in the garden - so it'd better be warm! I'm fed up of getting frost nipped, never mind the plants!

  7. Yep pretty much the same here.Everything seems to be 3/4 weeks behind. I've held back on putting things out that are usually in the ground by now. Definitely a slow start this year

  8. Everything seems to be behind this year due to the cold start. My strawberries seem to have got a little frosted, but there's more flowers to come so I hope all is not lost.

  9. Beautiful pictures! That bee one is really cool....gees you got really close to him though! Cheers~

  10. Tanya - so do I - we were driving along the motorway at 10:00p.m.ish last night and the smell took our breath away - wondows all shut too.

    It has been lovely Damo - long may it continue.

    NG - hope you avoid frost nipping for the rest of the spring/summer at least

    Let's up everything gets a spurt on now Dee

    Jo I have loads of flowers on the strawberries and some now seem to be surviving

    CL I love bumble bees - my grandad used to stroke them - - they're really placid little creatures -I think this one is a girl!


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