Thursday, May 6

Important information for visitors to our website!

I had an email yesterday saying that our website will have to change its URL some time in June/July. This means that all the work over the last four years buliding up the site status and establishing links will have to start again! I have deiced to change my web system completely so the new address will be where I am transferring pages to as quickly as I can. I would be really, really, really grateful if you could edit any link to the site for me when pages become available.


  1. That really sucks.....will I have to re-follow the site??

  2. Hi Tanya,
    This blog won't be affected other than the links out to my website.

    Between us my husband and I have three blogs and two websites of which this is one - it's one of the websites that is affected so following the blog won't change but I'll have to check links etc out to the website

  3. Computer trouble is the worst, for a technie-phobe like me, anyway. If the wireless router is working, it's a good day at my place;) Hope things go smoothly for you with the transition.

    Christine in Alaska

  4. Sorry to hear that. It's hard building up links from other websites, and then for this to happen is harsh. I hope everyone will amend their links.

  5. Thanks Christine - I am busily copying my lages over to a different system and will hopefully have the URL

    Hi Jo - the problem is that I have many links from all over as I have lots of information about contaminated manure which has been linked to far and wide - so it's a case of getting the changes to as many as possible - I don't even know where some links are


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