Sunday, May 23

Hoe, hoe, hoe ...

It was certainly a hot one yesterday, (see our weather blog), so hot that we put up the gazebo, for the first time this year, to give us a place to hide from the sun when the going was just too hot and to enjoy a drink or two - or three. Funnily enough around this time last year we also were hiding from the heat under the gazebo.

And it wasn't just us that were trying to keep cool so were the frogs in our garden pond.

The frogs in the second photo are very small - I did wonder whether they were survivors from this year's tadpoles but I think they may be a bit too large. It would be good to think they were though.

I don't suppose the spell of good weather should surprise us as May is out!

The hawthorn is in full blossom all around the site so we should be casting our clouts - but will we need to put the layers back on again when the May blossom fades?

Until then it's hoe, hoe, hoe and off to weed we go hoping that the heat and dry conditions will shrivel up the plants we don't want whilst we struggle to water and keep the ones that we do want flourishing.

Never satisfied are we?


  1. I can't believe how quickly the weather has warmed up after last week's frosts. I'm just hoping that this isn't the extent of our summer, and that we get some more lovely weather in to July and August too.

  2. Been beautiful here too. The chickens fortunately have a shady area in their run.

  3. Hi Jo, Just hope it doesn't cool down just as quickly!

    Hello VH - I'm with the chickens - a nice shady patch with a little breeze is just great!

  4. hahaha, I know, can you believe I caught myself on complaining I was too warm! Oh this nice spell is wonderful and lifting my spirits no end, though a couple of frogs on my plot would lift it through the roof!!

  5. Glad the sun is making you feel good Carrie. The frogs in the photo were actually in my garden pond but that said we have hundreds of frogs, toads and newts on the plot.

    We are forever carrying them to safety when Martyn is rotavating.

  6. I am finding the weeds are flourishing and the veggies not so much...why can't we eat weeds for a staple diet..and why can' they be tasty..would make life so much

  7. Some people reckon that you can Tanya

    Just Google edible weeds - can't say that I would fancy eating fat hen or goosegrass though


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