Tuesday, April 13

Royal visitors

Not only did the lovely weather last week spur us into a frenzy of action on the plot but it has also brought out other busy bees too. Literally!

Lots of huge queen bumble bees are busily searching fror a prime location in which to start their new families. The one below decided to check out our shed. This one was carefully escorted outside. (By the way can you spot the lacewing - the head is just visible behind the bee). I only noticed it when viewing the photograph. Others checked out our garden greenhouse - in fact they are probably still in there somewhere. When not looking for a suitable home they visited our gooseberry and blackcurrant bushes for a sustaining drink and hopefully to pollinate the flowers.

A less welcome royal visitor was the queen wasp buzzing in the window of our bedroom - we certainly didn't want her setting up home there!

We had our first sighting this year of peacock butterflies. One was sitting soaking up the sun before fluttering off.

We have been as busy as bees too. All our potatoes are now planted and many, many seeds sown.

The grass paths on the plot have had their first mowing and permanent beds containing various fruit bushes and trees have been tidied.

At long last the first signs of sprouts are evident on our purple sprouting broccoli!

What's more we even took off our big sweaters and fleeces and sat outside for our coffee breaks!

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  1. I saw lots of bees, butterflies and ladybirds about at the weekend too. This warm weather has brought them out of their hibernation.

  2. This is a fantastic shot of the bee...I have seen many about too along with ladybirds, lacewings and butterflies...I welcome them all to my garden. I am pleased to hear that your broccoli is just sprouting...some people have been picking theirs for weeks but mine has only just started to come too...hopefully we can have some for dinner on Sunday!

  3. Hi Jo - The hedgehogs are still sleepy though - I found one tightly curled in some leaves as I sorted a part of my garden. He/she was placed under a shrub and leave piled back on him/her

    Hello Tanya - Maybe we'll have broccoli when everyone elses has stopped producing!

  4. Ah ha, I've got the measure of you! You had me there with the 'Royal', I was super impressed but now, well I am all the more wary about your claims of a super- shed! From the looks of it (I only have the window to go on here...) it looks like a normal shed. Hahaha. Love your blog xxx

  5. Hi Carrie,
    Have to admit the deception was deliberate! As for the shed you have to consider that we don't store anything in it - it's just a place to go when it's cold and wet. I'll post some photos later.

  6. Ah ha!! My detective work, well worked then, ha. You don't have a working shed you have tea house. Have to say I would LOVE that but unfortunatley our very small shed is both for tools and relaxation. I await those photos with glee xxxx

  7. P.S. I don't know how it happened but you weren't on my blog list - that, my friend, has been rectified! x

  8. there are loads of insects buzzing around at the moment and more sun for the weekend.

  9. Carrie - MOre a coffee house :)

  10. Hope the sun does show up at the weekend and the vocanic ash doesn't put paid to a decent summer!


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