Monday, April 5

Frog Spawn update

Well some frog spawn has so far survived the attentions of the fish that continue to patrol the edges of the jelly. The black dots that were the beginnings of the tadpoles are now dividing. Some have already become comma shaped. Once the tadpoles are free swimming it will be difficult to monitor what is happening and they will be an easier target for the fish.


  1. these are some very good pictures...I hope that as they progress you will continue to inform us of their antics...I love frogs and frogspawn!!

  2. Will do but once they are loose I may have a problem tracking them.

    When I was teaching I brought some fs home to look after. It was kept in a tank in the greenhouse and by the time the school holiday was over we had tiny frogs everywhere.

    Maybe the ones we have now are their descendants!


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